I’ve been thinking about perception…

Why is it that we think what is right for ourselves is universally right for everyone?

Why do I assume that I have exclusive title to correctness? I KNOW I’ve been wrong before.

Why do we perceive “different” as “threat”?

Why do I think that my religious views give me the right to impose them on others?

At what point do you change your views? Mine were changed by experience. I learned that although my values are correct…for me, I should not force others to fit my mould.  *editorial, they were changed by Aj, my best-friend-that-is-not-my-wife and Pagan, and Z, a friend I truly admire and Lesbian. I couldn’t “force” either to change and wouldn’t if I could* Anyway, to live is to grow. Views need to change as we age. Perceptions need to be examined, and if proven false, need to adapt. It’s not the reality of things that have changed, it’s our view of it. The older I become, the less important the way other people do things becomes. *editorial, I do not mean criminal acts or actions that, non-criminal, still cause harm or repress* I have stopped finding other people’s faiths or loves to be a danger to my life. In fact, I have come to celebrate the differences that my friends have. It seems to me that having Pagan and gay friends has exposed me to views and people I would have never known. *I hope those friends that have broadened my views read these words and to them, thanks*

I think I’ll let this wind down now and ponder it more.



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