Perception #2

This is the second attempt at adding to the last post. *sigh*

What happens when we think something is wrong or a threat? How do we react? Do we look at it objectively or, do we use our subjective judgement?

I read comments on various sites. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. I read blogs and sites as an ally. I read comments that put down my friends. I read people saying they will be “the downfall of this country”. I see trolls saying that the “gay agenda” is out to get them. Those people see a threat where none exists. They want to see something they don’t understand as being against them. *editorial, I don’t understand being a gay man. I’m not attracted to men. I come closer to understanding being a Lesbian as I am married. Not understanding, in my mind, doesn’t make it wrong. I don’t understand my wife, either. I digress…*

I was talking to Z. Here’s the threat she poses, “I pay my taxes. Leave me the fuck alone.” That’s it.

So, where’s the actual threat? Where’s the “downfall of this country”? It isn’t from her.

It is my experience that our fear of the unknown, read “perception”, is usually worse than the thing we fear.

Are there “bad things” out there? Sure. Could they happen to us? Possibly. Are people that only want to be left “the fuck alone” some of those things? No.

Please consider your perception of what is real vs. the actuality of it. Please realize that no one is trying to convert you away from your beliefs. *editorial, I am doing what I just denied. I am trying to convince people that believe there is a threat to not see one.* *sigh* No one wants to change your way of life, they just don’t want you to force them to conform to your’s, either.

I’ll say it again. As a straight married man, my LBGT friends pose no threat to my family. They are not trying to convert us. They are not trying to make me gay. They are not against me because I’m Christian. Period. If Z were a threat, I wouldn’t write about her. If she was trying to cause harm, I wouldn’t feel so strongly that she needed an advocate. *editorial, She doesn’t “need” me to do anything for her. She’s independent as hell and can stand up for herself. She allows me to do it, too* There are groups that ARE threats. There are “hate groups” that advocate violence toward almost anything you can imagine or name. The LBGT community, as a group,  isn’t one. All they are asking for are the same basic human rights as anyone else. That is not too much to ask. Human Rights should be for all humans. *sigh* Maybe I’m asking too much. Maybe some people will never understand that just because a human is a different human than they are, they are no less human. *sigh again*


Sorry for the convoluted train of thought this post is.


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