All of Us

I was having a conversation with myself. *editorial, I do that a lot. Yes, I’ve been called “odd”. I am, a bit*

M: “Wow, I sure seem to have a bunch of Pagan friends.” M: “Yeah, and?” M: “I seem to have quite a few gay friends, too.” M: “You said something like that before, that affects me how?”

For what it’s worth, my friends are a diverse group. I have some friends that are rigidly dogmatic Christian, too. *editorial, I’m a Heretic Christian. Meaning, I’m not so dogmatic as all that* I have friends that fit the entire political spectrum. I also have atheist friends and Wiccan friends. I have friends that I strongly disagree with. I have some that have views that make me think “you really believe that ?!?”

What I’m getting to is this, I don’t deserve an award for having such a diverse group. I didn’t get to pick them in the first place. They, y’all, just kind of wandered in and didn’t kick me out. The World is a place of marvelous variation. People, Humans, come in all shapes and forms. Most of us wander through trying to figure it out as best we can. We try to find someone and something to love. We seek shelter from the “slings and arrows…” We look for peace and safety in our lives. We want, mostly, to be left alone. We were born. We all will die.

Given our common ground, we are all unique. None of us do things exactly the same. No two of us have the exact same thoughts or views. Our perspectives are shaped by our experiences. None of us will travel the same path. Yet, we are all Human. We all deserve the same basic respect and dignity. That we do things differently doesn’t make us less worthy of being treated as Human.

I’ve said it time and again, just because someone does something differently than you, there is no reason to try to deny them the right to do it. *editorial, excluding criminals* Just because someone loves or believes differently than you deems them no less worthy of the same Rights. Perhaps that is the point.

Perhaps that is the point. What if we quit worrying about the differences? What loss if we decided to embrace the differences? Why not realize that we have common ground in our uniqueness? Why not come to a point that the differences are less important than our basic humanity and worth as individuals? Why not cherish the people that have let us share their lives for the “content of their character”?

I don’t care if you’re Gay or Straight. Doesn’t matter if you have some faith or none. Makes not one tiny bit of difference if you’re male or female. You can share my political views or not.  If you’re Human, you have value not for what you can do for me but, because of who you are. *sigh* I wish we could all see that. I know it isn’t going to happen. I know “utopia” means “no place”. I’m not that idealistic.

For what it’s worth, I’m a lucky guy. I didn’t set out to have such a diverse group of Humans in my life. I don’t always agree with y’all. I don’t have to. Thanks for letting me share your world.



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