I Guess I Did Know…

I’m sitting here thinking I should write a post. I don’t really know what I want to write…

I’d talk about my former addiction. This time of year brings that out. This is the time that reminds me of the “train wreck”. By that, I mean the time leading up to my sobriety day. That was 9 years ago. It was the blackest part of my life. It is a place I try not to visit. It happened. I lived. I’m not that guy anymore.

I’d write another post in support of Marriage Equality. I’ve covered my perspective. I’ve tried to explain how I don’t feel the dichotomy between being Christian and pro LBGT rights. It’s not “they want to be just like REAL people”. It is that my LBGT friends are as Human as any other human and as deserving of the same rights and freedoms. Period. To quote myself “Who you love is less important than the capacity for it”. I wish I could convince some of my coreligionists of that.

I’d write another post in support of religious freedom. I’d write about how my faith doesn’t give me the freedom to dictate or disparage how another person believes. I’d write that I may not be Pagan but, that doesn’t make their faith any less valid to them than their faith invalidates mine. I’d write that I believe that it is entirely possible to be Christian and Gay. That my prayer partner is a Lesbian and that, if she permits, she will be the first person I go to for prayer as long as we are alive. *editorial, we all need a first person that shares our faith* I’d also write that, although I don’t share their faith, I also go to my best-friend-that-is-not-my-wife and she happens to be Pagan. I’d say that for me to have my freedom, I CAN NOT infringe on your’s.

I’d write words of kindness and love. I’d say that the greatest gift I’ve been given, in this life, was when my fiancee said, “I do” and became my wife. How those two simple words have made me a better person. How I try my best to be a good husband. How much love I have for that Lady.

I’d talk about how I struggle with frustration and bite back anger. *I’m getting MUCH better*

I’d go back a couple of topics and discuss how Christians should be for societal change, even if they retain the right to disagree with it. How we, as Christians, need to remember our collective past. That we were once the outcasts and minority. That we need to embrace and not repress. That if we say it is our right to use our religious views to dictate conduct then we should also allow other faiths to do the same. *editorial, as a Christian, do you really want Sharia Law imposed? When you use your faith to dictate, then you open the door to ALL faiths doing the same* I’d point out that when I am asked “do you believe all of the Bible?” as a way to point out that I should be anti-whatever, then I should also be pro-slavery and for keeping women as property.

I’d talk about how I dislike the word “allow” within the context of this blog. I’d also add the word “tolerate”.It is not my place to do either. How someone lives, loves, or believes, is their business. If they are not criminals, it isn’t my or society’s place to judge them. I can decide if they are people I want in my world. I am allowed to decide if I like them as people. We allow children to act. We tolerate those we can not avoid. I embrace the people in my world, even though I don’t always understand them.

I’d mention Aj. Her faith and beliefs are not mine. I don’t quite understand how her path took her to being Pagan. I really don’t care. I do know that she’s my best friend. I know the world is a better place for having her in it. I know she’s a confidant. She knows my secrets. She knows the places in me that I do not want to visit. The strength of her faith has made me a better Christian.

I’d also say something about Z. Her courage inspires me. She allows me to use her in this blog. She makes no attempt to be anything other than the person she is. She’s the prayer partner mentioned above. She’s a great person. She happens to be a Lesbian. That really doesn’t make her a better or worse person any more than having curly hair does. It’s just a tiny part of the person she is.

I’d finish with a bit about gratitude. I am grateful. I have some wonderful people that allow me to share their lives. They put up with my insecurities. They laugh at my bad jokes. They see my sarcasm and sometimes join in. They have taught me about love. I have learned to embrace people that are different. I am entirely grateful to God for the people He has put in my life.

I guess I did know what to write after all…



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