I Never Know Where These Will Lead

It’s a funny thing, not ha ha, that I just keep thinking. Let’s see where this one leads…

There are some people that should not drink, ever. I am one. If I were to have one drink, to give myself permission, it would not end there. It would start with drinking and end with meth and the ruin of my life. Truth be told, I would like to be able to. I like the taste. I just can’t. I know myself far too well.

Having said all that, there are people that can have ONE drink and stop. For them, it’s not an issue. For them, it is a permissible action. For me, it isn’t. Why, then, should I have the right to impose my code of conduct on them? At what point does an impermissible action for me give me cause to dictate other’s lives?

Do you see where this is going?

My life and rules are just that, mine. Conversely, your’s belong to you alone. If something is non-criminal and yet, against your code, then it applies to you. If you have, as a part of your faith, a code then it applies to your faith and those that share it. It is my belief that it can not be applied to Society as a whole, only those that have chosen to include themselves in your group.

You knew, if you read more than one of these, I would get to this point…It is the right of your sect to disapprove of Marriage Equality. It is your right to say it is wrong. I respectfully, and sometimes not so much, disagree. It is not your right to deny basic human rights to those with different views. Funny how that works, when we start imposing our beliefs on those with differing views we open ourselves up having them imposed on us. No one is telling you that your sect has to allow Marriage Equality WITHIN your sect. What they are saying is that you can not impose your strictures outside of it. They are saying that if you run a for-profit business, you do not get a choice in what groups you allow or do not allow service to.


I suppose some people just don’t get it. Protecting the rights of the people we disagree with protects our own.Yeah, I have an agenda. It’s the “do unto others” agenda. It’s the “Human Rights are for Humans” agenda. It’s a “My Friends are not Second Class Citizens” agenda. It’s also a “I Can Not Sit Idly By and Say Nothing” agenda.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just banging my head into a wall? The same Freedoms that protect the “anti’s” protect me. The same things that allow a group like Westboro to protest give me the right to disagree and say so. When we start banning Freedoms, we make laws that can be used against ourselves. If, for no other reason than self-interest, we should be against those laws that restrict non-criminal conduct. *sigh again*

One more time, being straight or Christian does not give a monopoly on correct conduct. There are other ways. They might not be your correct but, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I am a straight Christian. My best friend is a straight Pagan. Z is a lesbian Christian. All of those paths are correct…for the individual involved. The world is a better place for having my best friend in it. She lifts the people around her. The world is a better place for having Z in it. She’ll defend your rights even if you would restrict hers. MY world is vastly improved by those two and my wife. None of the three do things exactly as I would. I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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