250 and I’m Still Writing About Love

Just a thought…

I have friends that are Pagan and gay, some are both. I write for them as someone that is neither. We, my friends and I have common ground. What it is is the capacity for loving something outside yourself. When you have the ability to love, you have the capacity for greatness.

I defend and speak up for them because of that capacity. We have our faults and failings. Those faults are not who or how they love.

This is the 250th time I’ve written one of these. Not all have been in defense of my friends. Still, the love that has been written about and carried me on is why I keep writing. Aj and Z encouraged me. They put up with me when I’m “needy”. Their love is why I write. Their character and courage are why I write for them. 250 is not many if there is still work to be done and a chance to make a difference.

I don’t care who or how you love. I don’t care if it’s Christian or Pagan. Not worried if you’re gay or straight. I do care that we treat the human ability to love with the respect it deserves.


Aj, Z, who’d have thought there would be this many? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friends. You two have each taught me different things. Each of you is a treasure that I need. The World is a better place for having you in it. You both have expanded my world. Thanks for allowing me into yours. Because of you two, I am a better husband. For that, you have my eternal gratitude.


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