Where has rationality gone? Why do we see enemies where none exist?

I keep trying to write another blog post as a plea for reason. I’ve waged a quiet and peaceful protest with my words. I’ve used the forum that is this page to try to convince people that different does not equal wrong or enemy. *sigh* I don’t know that I’ve succeeded in changing a single mind. *sigh again*

We say WE want Freedom of Religion and claim a war is being waged against us by those we would mock or vilify. We say we don’t want the government to interfere in our private lives and yet, would dictate how love can be expressed. We pretend that we want Equal Protection and would deny that same protection to those that are different. It gives me a headache just trying to wrap my mind around those concepts.

No one I know that is LBGT or Pagan wants anything more than my straight and Christian friends demand. They are not asking for extra rights or protections. What they are asking for and what I am begging for is fairness. It really is that simple. Just give people the same room to be themselves that we demand  for ourselves. Don’t say that your actions are not a “choice” and someone else’s are. Don’t claim protection for what you believe without being willing to share those protections with others.

It isn’t easy. I know that going against a lifetime of being taught one thing only to find that it is not true is hard. I know that we do not want to change. I know that our thought patterns make us more comfortable when we can perceive an “us against them” mentality. Things don’t have to be that way. We can be part of a greater whole and retain our identity. We can find friends and people we respect in groups outside our own. We can learn to realize that “different” and “threat” are not the same thing.

I don’t know that any of these or the sum of these have changed a single mind. I know they’ve shown support. Perhaps that’s enough. *sigh*


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