A Voice

I have an idea, I’m not sure if I can express it. Please bear with me…

Have you got a friend? Do you know someone that knows your ugliness, your fears, your doubts? I have a couple. Are your friends worth standing up for? Mine are. If I had looked for friends that are just like me, I wouldn’t have the friends I have. In fact, if you look at the things I learned in my youth, I shouldn’t have them. They are in groups that I was taught to (fill in the blank. “hate” is too strong a word. “disapprove of” might fit).

Have you ever wondered if someone would speak up for you? Has it ever crossed your mind? What if they came to kick in your door because you were different? Would there be a voice for you? If they went to burn down your church, would someone of a different faith stand with you to stop them?

Karma is a bitch. We earn what we get. Kindness is repaid and so is hate. Silence earns silence.

I don’t have to be or understand  being Pagan to stand up for them. Aj is Pagan. That is enough for me. She’s my friend and I’ll stand in front of her and her church *editorial, I KNOW that is the wrong word* because she’d do the same for me.

I don’t understand being attracted to the same gender. I don’t have to. Z is a Lesbian and my friend. That’s enough. When I need someone to go to God to say a Christian prayer for me, I go to her.

There comes a point in our lives where we either speak or admit that our silence makes us complicit in repression. There will come a time when we need a voice for us. Again, Karma’s a bitch.

Sometimes it’s not an “issue” that we should stand up for. Issues are abstracts. People are real. People change the world. People are voices for others.

Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say. It’s not “what” you’re for and against that matters. It’s “who” you’re for. It’s a matter of being willing to put your name on something or someone.

I, Miller, am for Aj and Z. They are real human beings. Their faiths, loves, and lives have worth. They are not abstract. They are not second-class. That one is Pagan and one is gay doesn’t take away from them. In fact, those things add to them. They are not my clones in attitude, gender, or anything else. That gives them worth to me because they can teach me. They have taught me. I am their voice. If I need one, I know I can count on them to be mine.

Find a person. Be that person’s voice.


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