A Random Thoughts Post…

Some thoughts…

The past two posts have been about me. I’ve been humbled by what people have said to me after reading them. I’ve been called “amazing” more than once. *sigh* I don’t want to be amazing. I want to be normal.These are the people I think are amazing. Aj and Z, my wife, people that are “out” in states that have legalized repression, people that stay true to their faith in the face of scorn, Cops and Firemen, EMT’s, Military members, single moms, people with disabilities that rise above them. These are the people I think are amazing.


If you’re a single guy and you know a Lesbian that has ended her relationship. don’t ask her out. She’s single, NOT straight. *editorial, this is for Z* Men can be such boneheads. *sigh*


I’m trying to find a way to say what I mean without starting an argument or sound condescending. My closest friends are women, strong women, yet, I am not a feminist. The women I know don’t need to be “empowered”. They have strength of their own. They have no need for someone to give them anything. They get the respect that they have EARNED. I suppose that’s another of the many reasons I like them so much. They are tough. They’ve been kicked in the teeth and bounced back fighting. They are smart, hard working, caring and cynical. They have their soft sides but, you better not try to take advantage of that, either. If they give you their love, count yourself lucky. Women like that don’t need some guy giving them anything. Those women are why I’m not a “feminist”.


I write these for Aj and Z. When I write, I try to advocate for them because they allow me to. I write out of some sense of wanting to protect my friends. *editorial, it’s a bit of an ironic thought based on the previous bit, hunh?* They knew what I was writing about when I was writing yesterday’s post. They knew how much I was stressing it. Before that post, I’m not sure they knew the details or emotional mess that went on. Still, both of them were protecting me by being here, this side of the screen, while I was writing. It’s what friends do. We take care of each other. Friends like that are why I keep posting for them. They deserve my best because they give me theirs. *editorial, their best is really good, too. grins*


Again, not to sound condescending, I started writing for one Pagan. I still do. She keeps me on track. Having said that, there are more Pagans than I think there are, aren’t there? Before Aj, I didn’t know anyone that had told me that they’re Pagan. Now I know a bunch. Who knew? Christians think we run things. We think that we have more of us than all the rest combined. We don’t. Right? Anyway, that’s all of that thought.


I must be doing something right because the people that I love and admire are amazing and they let me love them. *HUGE SMILE…y’all have a nice night


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