The Only Way I Could Think of to Tease Was to Say Nice Things

I keep wanting to write this post to tease Aj and Z. I kind of owe them. They’re merciless when it comes to teasing me. *grins* The problem is that they’re not here, I mean now, and it’s not as much fun. They have this habit, they like keeping me in a state of confusion. It’s not very hard. I’m an easily confused man and they’re women. I’d tell them to find a new hobby except that I really do enjoy it.

Do you have friends like that? Friends that you trust. Friends that you can be completely serious and candid with? Friends that have your back? Friends that, without saying a word, give you support? Friends that love the person you are? Friends that are sarcastic and tease without giving offense because you are friends and you won’t be offended by them? Friends that you have allowed to be close enough that they can hurt you and you know they won’t?

I have Aj and Z. They’re the same and different. They’re really different from each other in the minor things like religion and orientation. They’re the same in the qualities that really matter. They have the same “content of their character”. They have the same sense of humor. They’re women. *grins at obvious last statement* Of course, Z likes to hunt and fish and Aj doesn’t. They both live about a thousand miles from me, yeah, a real thousand, in different directions. They are people that, when I’m having a bad day, I can think about and smile. They both have the ability to care deeply for people and causes and, at the same time, not care what people think of them or worry about giving offense. I love them to pieces.

I could go on all day. I hope they read this and get embarrassed. I owe them a few. *grins* They probably don’t appear perfect to most people but, to me, they’re perfect the way they are. I mean, realistically, everyone has their faults but, as friends, they’re everything I want or need…except that whole “thousand miles” away thing and I don’t see that changing.

I suppose this is the part where I should insert a protest bit and say that when we look at one aspect of a person and decide to discriminate against it, we are discounting the whole of the person. The whole of those ladies includes the parts that some would dislike. For me, Aj being Pagan has introduced me to a new group of people and their perspectives. Z being gay just means that we have something else in common, we both like women. Not only do those differences not detract from them to me, they add to them because they let me expand my views. *editorial, I’m not entirely open minded. I freely admit my bias. My bias is that if it hurts my friends and family, I am against it*

I wouldn’t change them if I could…except for that geography part. I love them just the way they are. I couldn’t have picked better friends so, I am truly glad they picked me.


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