Y’all Win

*Throws up hands* Y’all win.

I seem to be outvoted. I suppose it was a foregone conclusion. When Aj and Z and even this nice young lady, https://awaketostillness.wordpress.com/about/, *editorial, I don’t know her real name* have ganged up on me to tell me that I MUST admit that I’m “amazing”, I’ll surrender.

Now that we have that out of the way…

I’ll surrender but, there’s a condition.*grins*

I don’t have the market cornered. If I’m as good as they say I am, then they are, too. In that group, “amazing” is average. I can live with that. *grins* I’m still in awe of the Ladies I think of as friends. That’ll never change but, I’ll admit to amazing.

Now, may I please go back to normal? *grins*

*editorial, I suspect that Aj will only be satisfied with an unconditional surrender*


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