It Is Personal

The nice thing about having people in your life that you care about is that it gives you someone to want good things for. It allows you to have a reason to be happy when they have a good day or any other good thing happens to or for them. The downside is that you become frustrated when there are bad things or setbacks.

I believe that we speak up about “issues” only when they directly impact us. I’m cynical enough to think that is true for the majority of people, sorry.

Over the course of 2014, I have started and written this blog. It isn’t much. It is just some thoughts about my past, love, Religious Freedom and LBGT Rights. It is personal.

I love Z to pieces. I’ve said it before and probably will a few more times. *grins* She’s a “neat” lady. Pardon the dated expression. When I write these, I remember that she’s one of the “L’s” in LBGT. The rest of the time, she’s just Z. I truly enjoy the time we spend talking. We share a bunch of common interests and political views as well as both being Christians. My world is a better place for having her in it.

Z allows me to be an advocate for her. I’m not really her ally. That word doesn’t describe it the way I want it to. I rarely use the word “friend”. I never use it casually. Z is a friend.

LBGT Rights are a personal issue to me. I don’t get to be impatient since she isn’t. I have a trusted friend that deserves better than the way that some of society sees her and has decided she should be treated. I’ll keep writing because of that. I’ll beg and plead for people to see what I see. I’ll admire her character and try to show it to the world. I’ll hope for change and say my prayers. I’ll also owe whatever mechanism that put Z into my world a debt of gratitude. Perhaps that’s enough. It’s what I can do.


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