I’ve read the Constitution. I can not find a single place where it grants us “freedom from being exposed to what we disagree with.” We have no right that is “freedom to repress.”

It really doesn’t make any difference if you dislike the idea that some people are LBGT. It doesn’t matter if you feel that you have some religious ground. “It’s uchy” is not an excuse. *editorial, that last was not intended as a judgement on my part. Sex is fun…and uchy* It doesn’t make any difference at all what excuse you use. You are not allowed to repress.

If we were allowed to repress because someone did something we dislike or did something we can not imagine ourselves doing, there are a bunch of things my opinionated, grumpy, middle-aged self would put before being LBGT. *editorial, willing stupidity and musical taste being high on the list* *grins* *I digress*

As many times as I’ve said it, I’ll try again. Who someone loves is their business, not your’s. What adults do in their bedroom is none of your business. That two women or two men love each other and are willing to make the commitment that marriage vows entail should be celebrated. If we grant protection to straight married couples, and we do, we should grant them to LBGT couples. Equal Protection has to protect equally. The Constitution is clear on that point.

I am a Texan and an American. I write about and for my home. We pretend that we are the moral high ground of the world. We pretend that we want ALL Americans to be treated with dignity and respect. Yet, what we really mean is that we want “Americans that think and act like I do” to be treated that way. That is not the same thing as actually protecting everyone.


We need to get over ourselves. Our defacto motto “E Pluribus Unum” should be celebrated. Being LBGT doesn’t make someone less a part of the “many” or the “one”. It just makes them human.

*editorial, too early in the morning for this train of thought to seem less disjointed than it does. It needed to be written and this is when I have time*


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