Sorry for the Delay

It’s been some time, a month or more, since I have written one of these. It’s not that my views have changed or that I have lost interest. It has just been hard to think of a different way to say something I’ve said a couple of hundred times before…

I do not think we live in a “religious” country. I think that we live in a secular country that protects our right to worship as we please. That distinction means that our rights to our various faiths are protected. To be honest, because of the fact that others with differing beliefs are protected and respected, I feel that my faith has become stronger. Because of my exposure to my Pagan friends, I have become a better Christian. I have learned to better “love my neighbor” *paraphrase*. I have seen some similarities, and some glaring differences, between my faith and theirs. The differences are unimportant because I have no intention of becoming Pagan. The similarities ARE important because they give hope for common ground, not only between me and them but, between me and people with all manner of different ways of doing things.

Marriage Equality is the same way. By saying that all marriages between loving, committed, caring couples are valid, my marriage is strengthened. I have been talking to a Lady that considers herself married. Yet, the state she lives in doesn’t. To me, given the longevity of her relationship with her wife, I would hope that my marriage is as strong. Legitimizing it and giving it the same protections as I have, will not diminish my marriage.

Again, we live in a secular state. Marriages have legal protections. Marriages might also be done by various faiths but, with legal protections, the 14th Amendment has to apply evenly. Since my right to faith and marriage has the force of law, all must be accorded the same. It protects me, too. It means that no other faith can impose their views on me. It means that I can not and must not be forced to follow someone else’s religious strictures. If someone does not wish to recognize marriage equality, within their faith, that’s for them to decide. If they wish to impose those views outside of their sect, that is a different issue. Then it becomes forcing their religion on someone else. That is a dangerous view. That opens the door to the possibility that they might, someday, not be the majority and have other’s rules forced on them.

Also, as a Christian and a human, I have to consider the matter of love. I do not understand the God I believe in. I do understand that He is a god of love. I barely understand love to begin with. I can not figure out why my wife loves me. I just accept that she does and bask in the warmth of it. If I were to decide that someone else’s love couldn’t be legitimate, what would that say for mine? How can I say someone else can be wrong for loving someone in a different manner than I do. The bond that a couple shares is not mine to judge.

I know that there are Christians that disagree with me. I really don’t care. They are entitled to that view. Odds are, I disagree with the blatant unthinking dogmatism that they have. I know that there are people that are willing to consign to Hell, people for being LBGT. That they would say that being “gay” is a choice and willing sin. I disagree. If it were a choice, I would ask, “when did you decide to be straight?” Funny, not ha ha, they can not answer that question since, they didn’t.

Marriage Equality will not weaken marriages. Strong marriages strengthen the marriages around them. It doesn’t matter if it’s two wives, two husbands, or a husband and wife. I can learn from any marriage that has lasted longer than mine. That couple I was talking about up there has been “married” 4 times as long as I have. Their’s is a strong marriage. Their’s is a partnership. That is what marriage is supposed to be.


I’ll be glad when the SCOTUS puts this to bed. We will be drug, kicking and screaming, through this. Then, after it’s over, we’ll realize that nothing has changed. The fringe will still be as nutzo as they have always been. *editorial, there will always be some people that just can’t get over themselves* The rest of us will just keep on going. Jewelry stores will make some money selling more wedding rings. Couples will not have to worry when a loved one gets sick and medical decisions have to be made. Driver’s licenses will have to be changed. Florists will get to sell more flowers for the weddings. Stress and fear will go down in households that don’t deserve to have society impose stress and fear on them. I’ll find something else to blog about.

I hope this made sense. I hope it might persuade someone to reconsider their views. I apologize for the semi-disjointed train of thought.


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