More, “Some Thinking”

Some thinking…

I love Texas. My family has been here since it was Mexico. Our Honored Dead are buried here. Right now, I am not proud of the way the Executive Branch is handling one specific case. A judge made a one-time decision to allow a couple become married. It was two ladies in Travis County. One of them has cancer and will die, sooner rather than later. The Gov, Lt Gov, and Atty Gnl are trying to fight it. This is beyond cruel. This is not what they were elected to do. They may have been elected by a demographic that is, in part, against marriage equality. I get that. After they are elected, they are supposed to protect ALL citizens. *sigh*


Who defines “normal”? In my house, what is normal is for a middle-aged couple that married late in life to have no children. In a different house, it can be two moms and a kid that are happy. “Normal” is a subjective word. For me, normal is to be attracted to women. For Z, it is the same thing. One of us happens to be male, the other is female. So effing what? Some people are Vegans, too. That is truly odd, yet no one is trying to tell them that they have different rights. *palm to forehead* If I were to impose my view of “normal” there are a bunch of things I could decide were different and ban…Z being Z and loving how she is made is NOT one of them.


That’s all for this morning. *editorial, I’m a carnivore, nothing against Vegans. It was the first thing that came to mind*



  1. Fighting this decision is beyond cruel. Just plain love aside, medical repercussions and end of life decisions are a big reason why there should be marriage equality.

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