It’s Not About Gay Rights…


What part of the word “citizens” is confusing? I read something that was a quote by Hannity that said religion was protected in the Constitution and being LBGT was not. Perhaps there’s a mental disconnect? The Constitution says “citizens”. It doesn’t ever use the word “Christians”. Not one time. So, yes, in essence, the comment was correct. It was also incorrect. The Constitution doesn’t address, specifically, the rights of any gender identity or sexual orientation. It says “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”.


What happens at the end of our lives, besides dying? The process of dying. The medical care we require and the decisions that have to be made. I have someone that has the right and responsibility to make those for me, my wife. She knows what I want. She knows my heart. I trust her. She gets my stuff. Even if we didn’t have a will, she’d still get the stuff.

On the other hand, what about Z? Supposing she were married, her home state does not recognize it. Her wife would not be allowed to make the decisions. Her stuff, if she were intestate, would go to her family and not her wife. Her wife would not be given the dignity and respect, by the hospital, that she deserved.

Z is a citizen. I am a citizen. The Constitution states, plainly, that we have the same protections. Being gay does not make her any less than I am. Period. Saying we have “domestic partnership” laws doesn’t, for me, cut it. A “domestic partnership” is between a man and a dog. A marriage is what humans have.


Sometimes I wonder…I wonder if the parents of gay children see them as less than human? I wonder if the people that oppose equal rights for all citizens see some humans as not human and, thus, not citizens. *I really do not want to understand that mindset.*

I keep trying to be reasonable and rational. I try to figure out what goes through the minds of people that demand their “rights” and are unwilling to see that ALL citizens deserve the same rights. Honestly, being “reasonable and rational” is hard for me. I see someone I love, someone that has gone to war to defend the Constitution and me, being called less worthy than me. I’m not slamming the keys because Z is calmer about this than I am. She’s more patient…or resigned…than I am. If I had my way, we’d have made the changes last week or, last century.

It really isn’t that gay people want to be treated “just like real people”. It is that gay human citizens want the same rights as straight human citizens. It’s that the Constitution doesn’t say any different, no matter what people might think.

That’s the bottom line. I am a human citizen of the United States of America. I have rights and protections under the laws. Z is a human citizen of the United States of America. She should have the exact same rights and protections under the laws. To deny those to her is to say that she’s either not human or, not a citizen. Neither is correct, she is both…and a person worth respect.

Not “gay rights”. Citizen’s rights. That’s all.



    1. You earned your’s by defending ME. Now, I gotta earn mine by defending your’s. What’s left is fixing the system. I hate that I use you to make the point. It feels like I’m doing harm to a person I love by reminding her that there are people that don’t see what I see. *sigh*

  1. Citizen rights, that is exactly what this is all about. No one should have to be considered not a citizen, especially one that has been accepted to go to war to protect the very constitution that is in return supposed to protect them. Everyone is equal in my eyes, but I guess I’m not important enough or rich enough or *gasp* Christian enough to be heard. But I WILL keep shouting and keep hoping that my small voice will eventually carry enough weight to matter in the large scheme of things.

    1. I am Christian. I am conservative…or Libertarian, you pick.I’m neither important nor rich, though. I’ll keep shouting because my values and my faith demand that I defend Z…and the rest of the Citizens.

      1. I in no way meant anything derogatory towards you with my not Christian enough statement. I apologize if I offended. I often forget that you are Christian because of your outspokenness regarding subject matter that is often considered taboo among the Christian community that I am familiar with. You are a diamond Miller and I am belssed to know you! Keep speaking loudly and I’ll add my voice to yours. Then possibly, just maybe, our voices will help change things sooner rather than later. ❤

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