The Muse

This is a different kind of a post…There’s a group that I’m in. They seem to think I’m a “artist”. The task for this week is to “Introduce Your Muse”…

Here’s the deal, my Muse is a real person. Her name is Z. Yes, that is what I call her when we talk. I do not think of myself as “creative”. I tell the truth. I try to figure out ways to persuade and convince. I’m not writing fiction. I express my opinions and ideas. Nope, not a creative bone in my body. Artists create out of their imagination. I merely state the truth. I AM passionate because The Muse deserves it…

The Muse…A couple of years ago I had a friend, still do. I was watching the movement toward Marriage Equality gain momentum. I had a friend that I liked and admired, still do. I thought she was a “fellow traveler”. I was a lazy ally. I thought she was the same. You know the drill, post a meme, change a profile pic, make a comment or two, basically do something to show support without much effort. It turns out I was wrong. My fellow traveler was much closer to the issue…

The Muse…is a Lady named Z. She’s, like I’ve said a time or six *grins*, a veteran, a good mom, smarta$$, outspoken, sarcastic, smart, outdoorsey, brave, short *grins, I had to put that in* conservative, hard working, cute as a bug, athletic, likes to fish, a drinker of Tequila, Christian, honest, loyal, trustworthy, and a thousand other things. She also happens to be gay. See where that came in? Waaaay at the end we get to the gay part. She’s also my team mate when it comes to the blog.

The Muse…She encouraged me. I started a FB album. It still exists. You can go to the public part of my FB page and look at an album called “Important Stuff”. It’s fallen into disrepair because the blog exists. The Muse encouraged me, along with Aj *editorial, Aj is a different story for a different time*, to start this blog. The blog has sort of evolved…or maybe become more closely focused, into a blog about Citizens Rights, specifically, the rights of the LBGT community. It is simply that, although there are other issues that society needs to face, also, right now, the rights of the LBGT community are being both encouraged and pushed against. The Muse doesn’t deserve the latter and has earned the former.

I write because I have a conscience. I write because being indifferent feels like complicity. I write because it’s what I can do. I write because of The Muse. You see, for me, The Muse is a real person. I don’t use my imagination and so, I’m not an artist. I’m a friend. I rarely use the word love. There are few people that I say that to or about. In the most platonic way possible, she’s gay and I’m VERY FAITHFULLY married, I love The Muse. If I say and mean that, I have to write. I write because some people see one part of The Muse and use that to repress the whole of her. I write for The Muse because we all have some aspect of our selves that people do not like and that’s not a good enough reason to hate.

That’s it. That’s the short version of The Muse…



  1. Being an artist is not necessarily about creating big-ass worlds and tough dragons who slay evil knights… it can be as simple as finding the perfect words to state the truth so that even some lazy dumb-ass idiots might understand them, if they cared to actually read.

    1. I’ve given up on the idea of stopping the “Anti’s” from being anti. I’m to the point where I really want the apathetic and the ones that think it doesn’t matter to change. I want the silent middle to become vocal. I want them to say “enough” and then the World will change. My ultimate goal is simple, I want Z to be treated like me. Seems fair enough.

  2. Artists also try to interpret and represent the world they see around them with whatever medium they feel appropriate…and you are doing that …with passion…which makes you an Artist! Congratulations on also being a shining example of Humanity 😀 XXX

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