I Told Z to Kiss a Girl

It’s a funny thing. Considering the topic of the majority of my blog posts, I’m a bit of a prude… Having said that, I told Z to kiss a girl, then I told her to kiss two different girls. Honestly, I hope she only kisses one more…and does it again and again forever. If I knew the right one for her, I’d introduce them and smile. I suspect that some of my friends and family do not approve of me telling her that. I don’t care

You see, it really is that simple. If Z wants to play with boobies, good for her. If she wants to kiss every girl she meets till she finds the one that gives her a reason to stop looking, that’s cool. Who cares that she’s a girl and so are they? What business of ours is it what goes on in her bedroom? For that matter, what business is it of anyone’s what goes on in any set of adults bedrooms? Who are we to judge what constitutes a committed or casual relationship? Who are we to say that one relationship is valid and another isn’t?

The US Supreme Court has heard the arguments. They will make a ruling in June. They will decide if the government has the right to deem who is able to be married. They will decide if a couple has the same rights to all the protections and responsibilities of marriage that other couples have.

How complicated can it be? If Z falls in love and wants to get married, power to her. Her marriage will not make mine invalid. Her being in love will not make me fall out of love with my wife. The effect of her falling in love and getting married will, to me, be to give me a reason to be happy for a friend. The effect, to the world, will be that some girls missed out on a Great Lady. That’s it…oh yeah, it will piss some homophobic a$$holes off and that’s just a bonus.



  1. Yes! Kissing and playing with boobies is HUGE world-wide, and clearly makes a whole assortment of people happy. Ditto being kissed/played with. So do it and do it again; spread happiness and joy.

  2. I loved this! I was reminded of one of my besties in high school. One day we were talking and considering the fact that he was probably gay. We decided to go on a “date”. We did dinner, a movie, held hands, kissed like fiends. Sitting in his car in my driveway I turned and said, “Well?” He’s like, “You’re a really good kisser, but, it never got me hot or anything. I’m gay, huh?” We just laughed and laughed and stayed best friends until college separated us. Years later we met up and I visited him and his partner at their home. Thanks for bringing back such a great memory.

    1. Welcome. Funny thing, I knew Z for years before I knew she is gay. I’m married. There wasn’t any context. I just thought she was a fellow ally. I still hope she finds a girl to kiss. *grins*

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