A “Hugging, Hand Holding, Kissing Lifestyle Agenda”

I think I’m going to wander along with this train of thought and see where it leads…

I was reading a stat that said that 1.8% of the US population is gay. That is roughly 5.75m people that are willing to self-identify as gay or lesbian. Usually I don’t use numbers in this blog. I’ll get away from them in a second. *editorial, the source for the percentage is a CDC poll from 2013. The population is US Census data from 2014* This came to my mind because a Gallup Poll said that we tend to overestimate the LBG population. I know I would have. Although I write for Z, I have quite a few friends that are gay. Then I think about and realize that it’s just that the number of people I like and want to associate with happen to be a less than monolithic population. Anyway…

My perspective is skewed. I have several friends and one in particular, Z, that I write this for.

So, what’s the fear? Is it that we don’t think that we want to see something that might disturb us? I mean, do you really think that being gay makes you less of a prude than I am? I don’t mind seeing people kiss. I don’t mind seeing people hold hands. I really don’t want to see anyone having sex. I just don’t. I’m not bothered if it’s a hetero couple or a gay couple holding hands, hugging, or kissing. I don’t really think it teaches a horrible lesson that humans are comfortable enough with each other and themselves that they can show affection in public. It doesn’t send a wrong message to show love. It shows respect for the person you’re showing affection for because you are proud enough to be loved by them that you are willing to express it publicly. I digress, maybe…

5 3/4 million, roughly, people in America are gay. One isZ. *crap, lost the train of thought, maybe I’ll get it back*…*sort of did*…I’ve been married for a couple of days over 5 years. We got married late in life. There will be no children. There will be public displays of affection. What happens between us in private is no one’s business but our own. Using my marriage as an example, we did not marry to procreate. Truthfully, neither of us ever wanted kids. Still don’t. We pose no threat to any marriage that does want kids. How does that make the validity of my love for my wife or the value I put on my marriage any less than any other marriage? Hunh? We love each other. We take care of each other. We each have different strengths and weaknesses. Me loving my wife doesn’t threaten Z. It doesn’t. Her finding someone, I hope, isn’t going to threaten us.

Seriously, back to the numbers if they are correct, If the 5 3/4 million number is fairly correct, then roughly 313 million are straight. The odds are far greater that someone that is gay will see something that makes them uncomfortable than someone that is straight will. Hunh? Ayup, didn’t that occur to you? “But, Miller, we’re normal…” Not to them. To Z, kissing a girl is normal. To her, holding hands with a girl is normal. Yet, she doesn’t make the tiniest attempt to censor anyone else. She loves the fact that I love my wife. It makes her happy that I enjoy being married. She’s not trying to change me, in fact, she encourages me. Go figure.

*editorial, fatigue is making this kind of disjointed…that or middle age is…*

Back to the semi train of thought I had. It is an “I want” kind of thing. I want to not know what happens behind closed doors in Z’s house. I do want something to be going on because it’s Z and I’m all for her having someone to share her life and love with. I want the portion of the population that sees Z as an “agenda” or a “lifestyle” to not see that. I want them to see her as a person holding hands, hugging, or kissing someone she loves. Of course, if you want to call it a “Hugging, Hand Holding, Kissing Lifestyle Agenda” *grins*, I’m all in favor of that. In fact, I have the same agenda for my own life and my own wife.

I think I’m gonna try to let this drift off…I don’t see anything wrong with the people I love. I don’t care that they are gay. I only remember it because I write about it and, sometimes, encourage them to  kiss girls. I want an outbreak of that “Hugging, Hand Holding, Kissing Lifestyle Agenda”. *editorial, I really like that phrase* I’d love to see a pic of Z walking down a path holding hands with someone that is worth her. To me, holding hands and hugs are the most important affection anyway because they last longer and show deeper love.

Y’all do me a favor, try to look past what you want to be uncomfortable with and see what really matters, the heart of the person…If you can, you’ll see that gay or straight, love is love and needs to be encouraged and nourished. If for no other reason than maybe then you’ll see in Z what I see…

*sorry if this barely makes sense, I suppose you gotta be me* *grins*


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