I’m an Opinionated Jerk

Truth be told, I like being a jerk. I enjoy letting my temper go. Being an ass feels good. Problem is, I don’t like that guy much, I mean, the one that gets an adrenaline rush from anger. So, I bite it back and try to decide to be nice. I am, mostly, the nice guy I sometimes have to pretend to be…

I also am not as much of a social person as I appear. I am able to make a thousand excuses not to leave the house. My job forces interaction and teamwork. The rest of the time, I’d prefer not.

I don’t like that many people and, in return, do not expect to be liked by everyone I meet. I am stubborn, opinionated, and grouchy…when I’m not being a goof…My biggest prejudice is stupidity…Did I mention I was arrogant, too?

I felt like I’d list my personality flaws to make a point. *editorial, I have some good traits. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have the people in my life that I do.*

If you don’t want to like me because of those flaws, I’m more than fine with that. If you want to like me for the good parts, that’s also fine.

There really is a point to this. I was reading some moron saying that the flooding in Texas is because of Pagans and gays. I have seen various comments by people blaming the troubles of America on the LBGT population. I have seen that the Duggars protected a child molesting son and are anti-gay. Remember my prejudice against stupidity? These kinds of people fit that description. They, the Duggars and the Nutzo Wack-job branch of my faith, hit my buttons…

Z, Dear Z, fits most of the same personality traits that I have. You want to dislike her for that, go ahead. You don’t like her because she prefers Tequila over Gin, that’s fine, too. Hating, yeah hate, her because she’s gay makes ZERO sense. You’ve never spoken to her. You have no clue what’s in her heart. It’s the same thing as hating her because she’s short.

I know I’m being hypocritical. I hate stupidity. Stupid people can’t help it. They were born that way…unless it is a choice…You can decide to protect a child molester and then claim the moral high ground for your homophobia. That is stupidity by choice. You can blame someone for the weather. That is stupidity by choice. You can say you are defending families and be against people wanting to form families.That is stupidity by choice.

Hate me, if you will, for the choices I’ve made. I decided to be an addict. Nine years and change removed do not change that fact. I have no problem with that hate. I did “destroy the moral fabric”. You can hate me for wanting to be an anti-social jerk. I do that sometimes.

I’m not asking you to like Z, the person. She can be, in her words, “a bit intense”. I am asking you to consider not hating her for what she can not change. She can no more become “un-gay” than she can become “un-short”. Consider that and think, do you want the same standard you apply, hating an intrinsic trait, applied to you?

I suppose that was the entire point…Either admit hypocrisy or change it. I freely admit mine. I have double standards. I will embrace a strongly opinionated loved one and condemn an opinionated stranger. I am a jerk…and a loyal friend. It doesn’t make me any difference if you hate me for any characteristic of my personality or my demographic because it’s directed at me, the individual. Hating a demographic that includes Z without judging each individual as a person is stupid.

I hope this made the tiniest bit of sense. I knew what I was trying to say. I hope you got it. Base hate on individuals and not on prejudices.



  1. That’s it. That’s it exactly.

    If you’re stupid–we’re all born stupid–you can change that. I can get educated. I can learn about a subject. But choosing NOT to, to continue to conform to a view that is incorrect, well, that’s stupid.

    And I like good gin. 😉

    1. You have a face! Yeppers, Stupidity by choice is stupid. You really have a face. *beams* This is great. The face of the Muse is finally on the blog, even if only for this comment. There you are. *grumpy old man doing very strange happy dance*

  2. Made so much sense you wouldn’t believe how much! Miller, I am blessed to have you in my life, even though it’s only an online relationship. Point is, you have many very wise things to say and I for one appreciate your honestly and candor.

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