Addendum to “I’m an Opinionated Jerk”

You want to judge people? Please do. Judge me. Judge Z. Do it based on my views. Do it based on my attitudes. Do it for any damn reason you please. It’s no biggie. I probably don’t like you, either. Do it because I’m straight and the person I write for isn’t. Do it because I wouldn’t trade the one of her for the all of you. Do it because I’m an ex-addict. Any reason you please is fine with me.

Just don’t blame the problems of the world on either of us. We didn’t cause floods or earthquakes. We are not what’s wrong with this country. The world isn’t going to end because I want Z to find a good woman to spend her life with and know she’s out there. Your children’s problems are not caused by Z. Your Christian faith is not under attack by either of us…in fact, we’re both Christians. Deal with it.

I hope you do judge us. I hope you find fault. We aren’t perfect. We’re humans trying to muddle through as best as we can. We’ll live. We’re used to it. Just realize, you aren’t perfect. either. Go figure.



  1. I know I’m guilty of lumping you into the things that come out of Texas, but I never once thought or even now think you have any attachment to the things happening there. I forget you are living in and proud of your Texas, so is my son, and his paternal family. They aren’t jerks either. They may be conservative, but they are not the run of the mill wack jobs that have been plastered all over the news and social media.

    Keep doing what you are doin Miller… don’t ever stop.

    1. It’s ok. I’m having one of those weeks. My roots are deep here. My family was Texian, ie here before Texas was Texas. I try to keep my political views away from everything and everyone, particularly this blog. No one needs to know if I’m liberal or conservative, that isn’t the point. *grins* I can’t stop anyway. I told Z I wouldn’t and I rarely give my word because I keep it.

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