What If…

This is another wandering around a train of thought posts, bear with me…

What if I weren’t born a hetero, white, Christian, male? What if I were born Z? *editorial, Lesbian, white, Christian-ish, female* Would my opinion still count? What if my politics weren’t a mishmash of Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian? Would I have a valid point when I voted? Would God hear my voice? Would you discount my view as being self-serving? When I admit my bias toward Z, do you think I’ve fallen for an “agenda”? When I bash my coreligionists, is it your thought that I’m waging a “War on Christianity” or leading to the “decline in morals” in the USA?

Here’s the thing, our views are self-serving. Our world view fits our ideal and not reality. The expression “in a perfect world…” is really how we think things ought to be. That’s a huge problem when the truth smacks us in the face…

The world, by that I mean “my world” is a messy place. It’s full of adapted views, hypocrisy, conflicting politics, built in bias, and a host of failings and mistakes. I’m not always “nice”. I can be profane, callous, and rude. I have to self-edit so I’m not judgmental. I am, mostly, apathetic toward the world at large. *editorial, sorry, I just am*

I’ve learned that I am able to be wrong and survive. I’ve changed views to accommodate personal bias. I’ve come to the conclusion that things are not even close to being as black and white as I would have them…

*deep breath*

So…where does that leave us?

Truth be told, I do what I’m speaking against. This blog, every post, has been “in a perfect world…”

I’m asking something that is hard. I’m asking you to change your views. *sigh* I’m trying to get you to think, “what if I were wrong?” “What if I were the one I dislike?” “What if I were on the receiving end of MY prejudices?” “What if people called me what I call them?”


I’m trying to get you to think, “what if I were wrong?” “What if I were the one I dislike?” “What if I were on the receiving end of MY prejudices?” “What if people called me what I call them?” “How would I react if someone told me I DESERVED to be treated like I treat them and I am supposed to accept it as the nature of things?” “What if I was told I was worthless because I was different?”

I freely admit my bias. I am Pro-Z. Sure, there are things about her SHE would change. I can not think of one I would. I will say it again, if she weren’t worth the effort, I would not write. I’d have lost interest a year ago or more. I AM NOT a “social justice warrior”. I just don’t care that much. The problem is *insert hypocritical view* I have to try to persuade you to see her as a human. I have to try to convince you to see a stranger as a person. If you don’t see her, perhaps, you see someone else. To change Z’s world, I mean to change the world for people I don’t know, too.

That’s the entire point. It is personal. There are more than just LBGT’s. “LBGT” is a demographic made of individuals. If it were as simple as just a string of letters being affected and not discreet humans, it wouldn’t be a problem. Letters don’t care. Letters can be erased, re-written, or ignored. People can not.

I’m asking the hardest thing. I’m asking you to see a “them” as “me”.


I will always be on Z’s side. It is bias that will not change. I am not writing this for LBGT Rights or a Gay Agenda. I am writing for her. Every post has her at the top of my mind…I suppose, though, if you are one of those letters, I’m writing it for you, too.

Finally, I write these for me. I write to remind myself that I have changed and will continue. I write because I have a friend that deserves protection and a voice. I write because I need to.

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