The Z Agenda

Okie dokie. I thought I’d drop a quick post this morning. I’ve written this blog for some time, about a year and a half. It kind of morphed from being a blog about my growth to a blog about LBGT Rights. I think that’s part of the growth process, learning to step outside myself. It has an “agenda”. I thought I’d make that clear. I’m not really altruistic when I write. I do write for a specific person, Z aka The Muse. I love my wife. She’s the only person I’ve ever “romantically” loved in my life. She’s the only person I ever intend to love that way. I am ENTIRELY faithful and dedicated to her. I also love Z. She’s as close to me as it is possible for me to allow any human to be.


The Z Agenda is…

I don’t care who she loves as long as it is not a crime. I don’t care what she does as long as it is not self-destructive. I will support whatever decisions she makes as long as I am able. I don’t want to see her come to harm. I do want her to find a Love that is worth her. I will pray for the best for her for the rest of my life.

I do care what her faith is because, she is the first Christian I go to for prayer and want it to stay that way. If she were to change that, I would have to find a new “first Christian” and, being selfish, I don’t want to…

That is the Agenda. It says nothing about gay or straight, male or female. I DO NOT care. It is her life to live and mine to be supportive of…that’s it.


For what it’s worth. There are lots of Z’s. There are a lot of people that are as unique as she is and as worthy of having a voice. I found mine. Find your’s and speak for them. If a bunch of us do, perhaps WE can change the World for ALL the Z’s.



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