My Shrimp Recipe…

Okie dokie, so, I have an odd hobby. It’s “doing nice things for loved ones”. Now that Marriage Equality is the law, I’m kind of at a loss. You see, one of the best parts of the last year and a half has been writing for Z. You see, I seem to love her to bits and now, I have to find a different way to say it. For what it’s worth, it feels good to be nice to people you care about. I’m glad the blog is no longer needed. I really am. I just don’t know where to go next. Being a part of a team with someone i admire has been great. Now, I gotta get creative with the things I can do. She lives a real thousand miles away, cooking dinner and inviting her over is out. *grins* What next? *editorial, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to think of her and not have an “I’m so happy for you” moment as soon as she comes to mind. I’m calm but, the June 26 Ruling is a great thing and will be for a bunch of years*


I said to a follower I’d post a “cupcake” recipe when the ruling was done. I don’t bake so, here’s how I cook shrimp…

Get a couple or three lbs of shrimp. Peel them. In a skillet, put some, about a stick, butter cubes. Slice 3 lemons thin and layer them on. Add a big amount of minced garlic, ’bout a tablespoon. Layer the shrimp on next. Sprinkle the shrimps with some dried parsley. I use a couple or four tablespoons. Pour around a cup of white wine over it all. Heat on the stove top untill it foams all over the shrimp. Turn it off, cover, and leave on the warm burner for 10ish minutes. Serve it as a sammich, or over pasta or in a bowl with bread for the “dippy juice”.

There ya go, a recipe to celebrate. *grins*


Anyway, Z, if you read this, it has been about you. I’m looking for the next reason to say nice things. I’m really calm. I promise not to engage the trolls. The furor will die down and normal…as normal as things ever get…will happen.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I wanted an excuse to share the image. *grins* Thanks to Shane Turner Art for letting me use it.

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