Fired for What?

Suppose this conversation happened to you…”I grilled some steaks for my wife. They were great” “Cool, glad you enjoyed your day off”

Now suppose it went like this…”I grilled some steaks for my wife. They were great” “You’re fired”

How would you react to that? In Texas, the law is that anyone has the right to be married. It also says that a married person may be fired for being married…assuming they’re LBGT.

I understand that some people will never understand that they have the right to think as they will and should never act on those thoughts.

I understand that some that share my faith don’t think being LBGT is “normal”. I get that they think that Religious Freedom should equal the right to discriminate. That they think it is fine to address someone as “abomination” or “sinner” or “Offense Against God” directly to their face. I get that they think that someone should be fired for being gay. That it’s perfectly fine to deny housing. I get it. I will never agree with it.

What you do inside your church is protected. Who you associate with is protected. How you think is protected. Those are no excuse for how you act outside of those confines. Decency, simple decency, dictates that we treat others with dignity and respect…even if we believe that they are indecent. Fairness and equality demand that we share the same rights we expect with “all citizens”. It isn’t “extra rights”. It’s “equal rights”. It is, do we make sure that we want all citizens treated with the same rights or are we so hypocritical as to believe that we are different and others are somehow less than us.

I worry for Z. I’d love it if she could be a Texan but, *she won’t, her roots are far away* I’d never encourage it. We, Texas, has this misguided belief that we are strengthening ourselves by making others weaker. *sigh* I don’t get that at all. How do we gain strength by telling some of our citizens that they have no worth. How do we gain common ground by constantly pointing out the differences? Where is our own worth when, to build ourselves up, we take away from others?

I’m glad there’s a “Gay Pride” movement. I’m glad that there’s a sense of community there. I’m glad because some of us straight folks seem to think that we are better. I’m glad that someone besides me is willing to say, “There’s nothing wrong with you being gay. I’m glad that you are. I love you just the way God created you”. That way Z knows that not all of us are jerks.

*editorial, I know there are a bunch more than me. I know all straight people are NOT hypocritical jerks. If you’re not one, apologies. Not trying to paint with a generalization. Also, not all of us Christ Followers, are anti-LBGT*


You know, it’d be a silly d**n thing to get fired for grilling for your wife. When it can not happen, I’ll quit writing. Till then, I’m gonna keep on…and hope for a wife for Z.



  1. Your premise is fauly. The law in Texas doesn’t say you can be fired from your job for having a same sex spouse. You are intentionally stretching it to say what it doesnt say so you can make a point it doesn’t make.
    Christians need to be honest in their communications. Especially in such an emotionally charged subject. Shame on you for lying to your followers.

    1. Mike, Texas law says you can be fired for being gay. Period. No stretch at all. No misdirection. If you have a same sex spouse you are LBGT and able to be fired for that. However, you can believe what you wish, just please be honest about it.

  2. Texas is a “right to work” state. Further, our non-discrimination laws specifically EXCLUDE sexual orientation. There is no law outright saying “we can fire you for being gay” but, there is protection for an employer that does and no recourse for the employee. If, as you seem to think, I’m incorrect, please cite the protections to the LBGT employee.

  3. since you have responded “There is no law outright saying “we can fire you for being gay”, my objection to your saying the was has been satisfied. your correction, spin excluding, is noted and appreciated.

  4. actually, id like to expand on what you mean by a right to work state.
    I live in AZ, also a right to work state, and it’s not true that there is no recourse for someone who has been wrongfully terminated based solely on their choice of partners. the state labor relations board, Department of Labor and many others would be extremely helpful in that regard to sue the crap out of the employers, all with the watchful eyes of the media and public scrutiny, if such a thing ever happened… regardless if there didn’t exist ‘special prohibition’ or specific protections in the state laws regarding same sex relations or couples.
    I still think you are stretching what the laws actually say and do not say in order to perpetuate a false ‘meme’ and impression of current Texas law and the laws in other Right to Work States.
    but you have recanted your stated premise of the post that you could be fired for being gay in the state of texas, and I’m satisfied.

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