I Want Z Back

Once upon a time… Z was Z. There was no blog. There was no “context”. There was just Z. She wasn’t The Muse. We had no reason to write these. All I knew was she was a “neat”, forgive the dated expression I’m 52, Christian Lady I enjoyed talking to. Played a stupid Facebook game and met her. *Ditched the game and kept Z*…

I miss that. I want Z back.

I want to not write stuff intended to try to persuade or jolt people into realizing that prejudice is wrong.  I want to not think there’s a need to protect Z from voices that repress. I want an end to politicians using her as a tool to gain office by pandering to hate.  I want but, don’t expect, sanity to break out. I want. I want I want.


No more posts about kissing girls and boobs. No more posts about Christians and Pagans and LBGT’s and straights. No more posts about the Constitution. No more trying to convince. No more having to talk about one tiny part of a person. No more embarrassingly personal questions to Z. No more spending hours worrying how I’m going to say…one more time…”give it a break and find something else to be against”

*sigh again*

I’m gonna keep writing. Still, I want Z back. I miss my friend.



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