The Rose

“She’s far more than merely that part. Kind of looking at one petal and missing the rose”…I said this about Z in my last post…and now it’s time to take my own advice. I wrote the last 4 about my growing up and this is the last step…

Z is a Rose and a Treasure and my Prayer Partner and The Muse and a trusted friend and a person that makes my world better just by being around. I’ve been looking at the petal and forgetting the rose. I’m going back to the Rose.

Why do I give Aj or Kelly room to be normal and not Z? She’s no different than the friend I lamented the loss of. I was the one that changed so, if I want Z back, the change that has to happen is inside of me, not her.

I’m taking her back.

We, The Muse and I, might write other Z-posts if the need arises but, for now, I’m looking at the Rose. The Rose was always there…

Thanks to you all for following along. Thanks to Z for being The Muse…and so very much more.


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