Being Pagan is Against My Religion

Being Pagan is against my religion…well kind of…no, not really…

That expression, “against my religion”, bugs me. There are things that my religion tells me that I shouldn’t do. I get that. What it doesn’t do is tell me to forbid others from doing them. “Against my religion” implies that the people doing those things or believing those things are my enemies…

My best friend is Pagan. She encourages me to be strong in MY faith…even though she doesn’t share it. Hunh? I thought she was against me.

We, Christians, use “against my religion” as an excuse. We say that when we mean, “I think that I want to discriminate against you”. We also say that when we want to feel like victims.

I know a bunch of Pagans and more than three LBGT folk. Not one single one of is “against my religion”. Some of them don’t like jerks. None are my enemies because of my religion. Think about that…

Yeah, there are people that don’t like me. Good for them. There are people I don’t like, too. Seems fair to me.  I just don’t automatically decide that on religious grounds. I don’t automatically like or dislike someone based on my faith…or their’s…I use a more realistic approach. If they’re a jerk or a moron or intellectually dishonest, I dislike them.

I really don’t like excuses. If you think something is “uchy” come out and say it. If you think a religion is odd or divination, speak up. Just don’t hide behind a cherry picked version of faith. The Bible says 60 odd things are “abomination”. The list of ritually unclean and Levitical laws are more than I feel like counting. I can not make it through a day without violating at least one. For me, it’s a greater problem when someone selectively imposes their view than it is to violate one of the myriad things they claim to be against…

I’m not asking that you go out and hug a Pagan. I would. I can think of a couple or four that lived close enough that I wish I could every day. *sigh*  For what it’s worth, there are more than three Lesbians I wish were close enough to hug, too…

What I am suggesting is that you question your own reasoning. Don’t blindly assume that you have the right to impose your views on everyone…Even if you feel that your faith bans something for you, don’t think that it allows you to forbid it for everyone. Someday, it might not be you making the rules. If that happens, the mercy you’ve shown will probably be the mercy you receive…



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