I Like the Odd People…I’m One

People are messy and squishy and odd. They refuse to allow themselves to be confined to boxes. Every time you think you have someone figured out, they veer…

Follow along and I’ll let you learn from my mistakes. I LIKE boxes. I like routine and predictable. My mind is an odd enough place to live that having stuff, people, be not random is soothing. I even tried to do it to Z for a year. I got over it. It took some pain on my part because I put her into a box that she didn’t make. When I wanted her out of it, I thought she was the one that had to take herself out of it. That was my mistake. She didn’t have to get out of the box because, she was never in it.

I hope this is making sense…

I had made the mistake of forgetting the aspect that the majority of posts of this blog talk about are not all of the Lady. I did what I was trying to convince people not to do. It would be easy to make Z a one-dimensional object if that were my goal, focussing only on the Lesbian part. Of course, that isn’t fair to her…or me. She’s far more complex than that. I felt a sense of loss over someone that wasn’t gone. Funny that, it was me that had wandered off…

I don’t fit into boxes. Maybe the physical part does. The part that thinks doesn’t. Some labels like husband and friend are boxes but, even those have different walls at different moments. Hell, on a given day, I can’t usually figure out what I’m gonna do next. If that’s the case, why do I insist on trying to do that to everyone else?

I agonized over who could be my “best best friend”. How do I pick one that is best? How do I reconcile who gets a bigger share? Then, one day, I realized I didn’t have to. Ask Aj or Z how relieved I was…

Boxes, it was those damned boxes again…So, I outgrew the box I was putting them in by outgrowing mine…and I learned a lesson…

People are messy and squishy and odd. Trying to pin them to one thing is like grabbing jello *grins* Interestingly, I like the oddness of people. I don’t want them to all be the same. I like looking at the facets and reflections. Z’s path isn’t mine but, I enjoy following along. Sometimes we go in the same direction. Others we go different ways. Still, it’s always interesting. She’s just one of those people I enjoy. If I were to limit her, in my mind, to one thing, I’d miss the rest…

There really is a point to this…*grins*…

People deserve our best. They deserve to be given room to be themselves. Objecting to a part of a person limits them to being that one part. It makes their life what we want it to be and not what it really is.


Just to illustrate my point, I had no clue what I was going to write when I started this, I just liked the line “People are messy and squishy and odd.” Even this post didn’t fit a box. *grins*

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