What Are You For?

There’s a scene in “Bull Durham” where Crash tells Annie what he believes in. It’s a great scene because it shows not what he’s against but, what he’s for…

We seem to be stuck with the idea that we have a right to be offended by everything and everyone. We think that, because we are offended, everyone must not give us offense and have to stop. Allow me to disagree. Yeah, you or I may be all the offended we want to be. I’ll give you that. Where we disagree is when we say that someone has to stop offending us…

It’s easy to be offended. It’s comfortable to feel like a victim. It doesn’t take any effort at all to say that someone has wronged me. No introspection. No questions. Not really any thought at all. It’s just “poor poor me…”

We can make lists all day long of what offends us…Christians, Pagans, atheists, straights, gays, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians…somehow or someway we can take offense at all of them…Southerners, Northerners, Texans, Californians…pick one…pick a bunch…

So, here’s a challenge. What are you for?

I’ll start…

I’m for my wife, peace in my house, hugs and kisses, holding hands, stray dogs, Aj Z Kelladillo and the family, rare beef, remembering ALL of our history the good and bad, honest politicians, naps, snacks, quiet days off, Spring and Fall, telling the truth, loyalty toward friends, honor, treating everyone with dignity, giving people room to be themselves, marriage being between two people that love each other, fishing, air conditioning, comfort over style…the list is endless.

Being for stuff means, to me, living with gratitude and not anger. It means setting aside jealousy and envy. It means I’ve decided not to invite stress into my world. *editorial, sometimes I do invite it in. Sigh*

My list isn’t really all inclusive. It was just a start. I could, and sometimes do, go on all day. I do have a question, though…What are you for?

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