Bouncing in My Head, A VERY Disjointed Post

Bouncing around in my head stuff…

I know the words “I can’t write too many like this” sound weak but, when I wrote my last one,, I had to really face what had been done to some of the people I love. They, specifically, were in it. Yeah, they told me the events were years ago. To me, since I just found out, they happened yesterday. So, please forgive me if I don’t write about abuse rape or the general treatment of women as objects as often as I think those topics are needed. To imagine people deliberately harming people I love, hurts.

By the same token, The Muse, the original muse, Z is a lesbian…well, that’s far from all she is but, in the original context of this blog, that distinction matters. She, too, is not an object. She is a person. A warm, caring, Christian person. She is not a political tool…but, “Z-posts” are easier. All I have to do is get angry or frustrated…and yeah, sometimes, sad, too. Because, you see, Z also fits the group up there. Any post that includes treating humans like humans includes Z…and you…and me…

Anyway, on a sort of related note. Kim Davis…is not a hero. She is an elected official. She agreed to follow the Constitution. Yes, that means the rulings of the SCOTUS. If she feels that, she can not do her job, ALL of her job, she should resign. She does not get to pick what laws to follow. Yes, I know that some people will troll and make responses that the original ruling in Obergefell was un-Constitutional but, that is not a correct view. It is equal protection. Loving v Virginia, among others affirmed marriage as a fundamental right. You don’t get to vote those away. You don’t get to cite “strongly held religious beliefs” as a reason for denying those…and yeah, spare me the Obama and Bush ignored laws comments. Just because you think someone else is wrong doesn’t make a third party right…

So, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Kim did achieve one of my goals, Westboro Baptist is protesting her. I’m jealous…

Anyway, I’ve also been informed that my theology either Heretic Christian or Christian Humanist aren’t really Christian. I think I missed something. I thought “love your neighbor” was Christian. I thought “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” was also Christian. I thought “remove the log from your own eye…” was an entirely Christian concept. That whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” isn’t even in the Bible…and besides, my heresy includes not thinking that being the way God created you is a sin, meaning, specifically, being LBGT is no more a sin than being straight. That being a woman is no less than being a man. That kindness and love are the central messages of Jesus words, not hate and exclusion…so please don’t tell me I can not be a Christian for having my views when you would say “Jesus Hates Fags”…I’ll tell you the truth, from my perspective, I believe he’d love Pagans, Lesbians. Pagan Lesbians, and every other Human on the planet…all of those are people I love…

Anyway, I’ll make that an end for today. It’s been a long week. My head hurts. I’ll have some, I hope, more gathered thoughts tomorrow, my other day off. Thanks for reading this far.


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