The Voices of the Enemy

I decided to let the Collective Conscience speak…

Aj said this, “I took the actual Kinsey Scale test and was 0 percent homosexual. 100 percent heterosexual. With that being said, just because my personal preference is not the same sex does not mean I see anything wrong with same-sex couples or people who prefer same-sex partners. I think people are people and EVERYONE should be with exactly who they are meant to be with regardless of race or gender!” Interestingly enough, I did, too. If you read these, you know I think exactly the same way…and now you know some of why I love Aj…

Z said this, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…..equal, not identical. Wrap your head around that. Declare your independence from your mind’s constraints.” If you read these, you know that I think that way, too…and now you know some of why I love Z…

Kelly said this, “We can accept people just as they are, we can love them, just as they are, we can offer our hands no matter who they are. If someone comes out to you, as gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, Pagan, Witch, Muslim, Christian, or oompaloompa THINK about THEM. This isn’t about YOU, it is about THEM. You can take time to yourself to decide how you feel, what you think, and how you’re going to move forward, but this step takes so much courage, and so much strength to take. Stop, think, think some more, then react. Initial reactions aren’t always what you want to say in this situation, it’s also not what you’re going to feel tomorrow or a week from now.” If you read these, you know I share those views…and now you know some of why I love Kelly…

These are the voices of the “enemy”. Two are Pagan. Two are Lesbian. One is straight. One is Christian. One Pagan is straight. One Christian is Lesbian. One is both Pagan and Lesbian. By all rights, they should have no reason to be accepting of me. Yet, they are the Collective Conscience. They are the reasons I am as passionate about writing this blog as I am.

Read the words that are inside of them, then look at Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee and all the cheerleader haters and decide who you would rather side with? Would you choose the ones that have distorted a message of love, the words of Jesus, or the ones that do not march in lockstep with you and, yet, will love you despite your differences?


One comment

  1. *grins* To be clear on my math…Aj is Pagan and straight. Z is Christian and Lesbian. Kelly is Pagan and Lesbian. Aj says there’s some ambiguity *grins again* and that there might be as many as six Ladies. *editorial, I know she’s teasing* The math doesn’t matter. What does is that they are the Collective Conscience and are a blessing to me.

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