Pull Your Pants Down and Other Random Bits…

I have an experiment…pull your pants down. Do you have “parts”? Good. We have established that you have them. Now, go up to a stranger. Attempt to pull their pants down. Did you get slapped? Good, now we have figured out that their “parts” are none of your d**n business…There is a point to this…Take it further, look at your parts in public. Take a long look and maybe play with them. Did you get some funny looks and maybe a “conversation” with a cop? The reason is that there are boundaries to what we think is permissible conduct. What is socially acceptable and what is not. What you do in private with your privates *pun intended* is your business and that of those you share them with. What you do with them in public is the business of those that do not want to see or touch them…

Religion is the same way. It is acceptable to have it. It is acceptable to recognize that others have theirs. It is NOT ok to inflict yours on someone else without their permission. *editorial, yes, I really did just compare genitals to religion* If you are in a place where people have chosen to find you, sharing and discussing faith or religion is your option because they have a chance to leave or rebut. When you force your views on someone that has no choice, there is no difference between that and any other emotional coercion.


Hey Z, you said, yesterday, that you told some people “I’m one of those fags”. I looked it up. It took a bunch of googling to find a definition that finally gave me this “Faggot, often shortened to fag, is a pejorative term used chiefly in North America primarily to refer to a gay man” *from the wiki* I think the term you were looking for is “Human” just like those “fags” are humans, too. Funny, not ha ha, how that works. I think the people that don’t see the Human have been spending too much time looking in someone else’s pants…


I was just talking to my wife and had this deep *grins…maybe not* thought. Cows follow a$$holes that randomly spew s**t on the path and don’t seem to mind. People are the same way. We get used to following the same kinds of thing and don’t even notice what we are walking in. Cows also follow the same path every day. Go look in a pasture if you don’t believe me. Anyway, if you follow someone because it’s what you’re used to, you get used to not thinking and walking in manure. There are other paths and other ways to get to the same end. Try thinking on your own. We may still end up agreeing but, at least we can share different views of the journey…


As an aside, I posted links to Aj and Kelly’s blogs in the Why Am I Here bit. I offered to remove their links. They left them there. I was talking to Z and told her that HER blog link could not be removed. *grins* There’s a very simple reason for that. I write these words. She is in every post. Sometimes I quote her. Sometimes it’s a conversation that starts the train of thought that ends here. Sometimes, it’s an article disparaging Lesbians or LBGT’s that does it. Sometimes, nothing…except that she was the one of the person’s that encouraged me to start. So, it may be me but, to remove her blog link would mean not writing and that’s not an option…


I think that’s enough for this morning. Let me make sure. Inappropriate joke, check. Religious freedom, check. More oddness involving animals and human behavior, check. Z being human, check. Aj and Kelly, check…Wait…missed something…Hey Z, kiss girls, play with boobies, go have fun… *grins* …got it now. Comment encouraging favorite Lesbian to do “stuff”, check. Now, I’m done…

Y’all have a good Monday. Try not to take yourselves too seriously. Hug someone you love. Breathe and relax, life’s far too short for hate.


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