Why I Write About Z

Right after I started writing these, Z and I were talking. We decided to “throw her under the bus”. The point was that we needed a real person to be the “token” Lesbian. She volunteered. With only a few exceptions, she has been that person. The degrading comments that I’ve quoted have been directed at her. Either I’ve seen them or she’s related them to me…

She’s unashamedly a Lesbian. She doesn’t really hide it but, she doesn’t “advertise” either…unless you know her. On the other hand, she’ll get confrontational in an instant if someone starts talking about “those people” or any other way it happens to be phrased. To her, and me, being gay is a neutral expression. It’s like saying she has curly hair. It is just a part of her. It, by itself, doesn’t make her either good or bad. It merely makes her gay…and that’s it…

I keep thinking the entire issue will just go away. I suppose it’s wishful thinking. I keep hoping that the haters will be as marginalized as the KKK, loud but, irrelevant…then some group decided they’re offended by the fact that Z wants to be treated “just like a real person” and that her existence is “against my religion”…and the issue comes back…


My personal theology says that I believe in an omnipotent and omniscient God. I believe that the concept of “free will” is an illusion. I believe, although I don’t know why, that all things and all people are the way they are intended to be. I am finally at a point where “why?” is a question I no longer ask. I suppose that sounds fatalistic. That I have resigned myself to not acting because it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else does. I digress, as part of my beliefs, I believe we were created the way God intended for us to be. Yes, that includes male, female, LBGT, straight, Christian, Pagan, atheist, and every other faith or sect. *editorial, yes, I have listed “atheist” as a faith. Deal with it.* I do not think God created mistakes. I think yes, to be very specific, that Z is exactly the way she was intended to be just as I am the way I’m supposed to be. It makes no difference that she was created, among other things, to be a lesbian and I was created to be straight.

I am sure I “cherry pick” the Bible. I stick to the words of Jesus as the final arbiter and the OT as history. The books that come after, ie the NT, are commentary and opinion. Those, the “not Gospels” were written by men who had no personal knowledge of Jesus and have been added to and subtracted from in the various cannons over the centuries.

It is also an article of my beliefs that I DO NOT get to decide who goes to Heaven or Hell. I don’t get to say that my soul is saved and some other is condemned. I don’t even get to guess. That isn’t my place. Mine is to be concerned with mine and my Earthly actions. I am required to treat Gods Creations as if they have value and worth. If I am supposed to share my faith or attempt to “convert” it’s by the way I live MY life, not by judging someone else’s.

There is also a part of me that recognizes my humanity. I make mistakes. I can be deliberatly offensive. I intentionally do things that cause emotional stress to others. I’m far from perfect. I do not pretend that my views or faith have been unchanged over the years. I am capable of being a hypocrite. I have loves…and hates.


In the end, I’ll embrace being a Heretic. I’ll keep my views that being gay is as valid as being straight. I’ll continue to believe that I do not have all the answers about the Face of God. *Editorial, yes, that means that I may read the Bible and find it to be valid for me, I’ll not impose it on someone else* I’ll maintain the belief that being a Humanist and a Christian are not mutually exclusive.


This post is a result of the furor over that person in Kentucky. My mistake is not that I write her off as someone I disagree with but, that I read the comments of her vocal supporters. I read Hateful Christians that claim that being gay is a choice. That, somehow, they have a right to call Z, although not directly, “deviant” or “mistake” or “abomination”. I read those thoughts and wonder if they and I believe in the same God. I find myself trying to figure out how they got from “omnipotent” to “mistake”. I don’t really want to know.


This started out as a “Hurray for Z” article. It didn’t get there the way I expected. It still is, though. I love having Z in my world. I love the reassurance of her prayers for me. I sleep better knowing that, even if I forget, she remembers to watch out for me. That whole “Lesbian thing”? That is as immaterial to me as her hair being curly. Her person, the whole construct, is greater than any single part…funny thing is, EVERY human is that way. There may be a part of them we might want to change but, if we do, we change the WHOLE. I want her to stay just they way she is. That person, Z, has worth. That person is a place in my world that can be filled by no other and I wouldn’t change that if I could. That person is not a label or a demographic or a choice. That person, Z, is a gift that God gave to me…

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