Thoughts on Political Parties and Organized Religion…

I despise political parties. I’m not a huge fan of “organized religion” or TV evangelists. The reasoning behind that set of generalizations is that they remove our need to think for ourselves. We have “dumbed down” our thought processes to the point that all we have to know is, “They told me I should be against (fill in the blank)”. Now to digress and explain…

I am a Christian. Period. I can not see a time when I will not be. I have read the Bible, more than twice, cover to cover. I have worn out a couple and written/highlighted one of those to “unreadable”…and yet, I AM capable of making my own mind up about its contents and societal implications. I am able to look at its historical context and, in light of 2000 years of change, the place it should fit now. I also am able to realize that Jesus said and acted one way and the actions and words of Paul are NOT those of Jesus. On the Damascus Road, Jesus asked Paul, then Saul, “Why are you persecuting me?” Paul merely switched the object of his anger and persecutions. *editorial, you are allowed to disagree with me if you wish but, looking at his behavior, Paul relished his anger. He was not a nice person* Jesus spoke of love, introspection, and inclusion. Paul did not. So…*next digression…*

I came to my own conclusions. I decided that “hate the sin, love the sinner” was not written down in that book. I also realize that we are not called to say, “they are going to Hell” unless we wish to be condemned to Hell ourselves. Yeah, Jesus did say that.

I find that the entire bit about women and LBGT’s only fit in the historical context of infant mortality and a society that NEEDED to reproduce in order to survive. That a male dominated society only fit during a period that needed fewer men and more women because death during child birth means that more women had to breed *sorry to be blunt* and that it only took one man to impregnate multiple women, so, the bottleneck was women, not men. Also, men had a tendency to die more often due to the violence of the times. Those conditions no longer apply. 7 billion people mean that population is no longer a survival need. Big families, in order to produce food, are not needed. In modern society those things do not apply. Jesus never spoke to them, only Paul and, again, he’s not Jesus.

In light of the call not to judge someone’s soul, I don’t. I can not. It is that easy…

Political parties, politicians, and those that presume to tell us what we should believe pander to our fears and refusal to think. They presume that we believe that we MUST be against those that are not like us and feed on and promote xenophobia. They take away our ability to cooperate. They HAVE to. If they don’t, they are unemployed. It is a popularity contest. The preacher in his on his pulpit tells you that everyone that is not like you is out to get you. The politician tells you the same. Both want your money. Both want to keep their jobs. The only way they can is to feed your fear.

I have close friends, in fact my closest friends, that do not share my gender. Yeppers, they’re women. I should, according to Paul, not treat them as equals. If you knew them, you’d find that I would be missing out on their strengths and their friendship. My wife is my partner, not my subordinate. Two of those women are Lesbians. So what, I married a woman, I agree with their decision to love women. Again, within that group of three, two are not Christian, they’re Witches, Pagan Witches. So what? My faith calls me to show and example and live my life in a manner that is worthy of MY faith, not to judge their souls, “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” I DO NOT want the judgment I’ve earned. I want mercy. Again, within that group of three, the one that is not a witch is a Lesbian and does share Christianity with me. Yes, I believe it is possible to be both Christian and LBGT. If the argument against is is “Z is a sinner” then NONE of us may be Christian. All Christians sin, EVERYONE OF US does. It is, within the context of Christianity, impossible not to. If the argument against Kelly or Aj is “she’s a sinner” the reply is, “she’s Pagan and the concept of sin does not apply to her beliefs”.

Different does not equal evil or wrong. It is merely different. *editorial, I know this post is very similar to other posts. I don’t really care. It needs to be said over and over* When we allow a political party to dictate our beliefs, we fall in to the trap of giving away the independence that we, Americans, so prize. When we let ourselves be lured in by the idea that we alone are special, we discount the value and worth of others. When we listen to the loudest or most charismatic person that we hear, when we let flash dictate our thoughts, we lose the sight of what truly matters.

Substance is not flash. It isn’t shiny. It has “bottom” and depth. It is the result of thought, meditation, soul-searching, and work. It is the result of our own effort. It does not come with thoughts implanted by others. During the  months leading to that popularity contest next year, please think. Look at the ones that don’t merely pander to divisiveness but, are inclusive. Look away from party and to character. Look for wisdom and insight. Search out actions and not words. Then decide. Make your choices based on what you think and not what you are told to think.

That’s it. It is not too much to ask. *sigh*



    1. Thanks for reading my attempts at making sense. I have this odd idea that I may be mistaken so, I do not discount that other views may be correct…even if I do not share them. That’s the start of my heresy. *grins* *insert shameless page promotion* In an attempt to form some sense of “community”, this blog has a Facebook page. You’re welcome to click the button thingy and comment there on anything that strikes your fancy or anything you think needs to be seen by all 40ish people that happen to look there *grins again* *shouts* Heretics of the World, Unite! Blessings to you, too.

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