What I’m For…

I’ve written a truck load of protest posts. I’ve chastised and criticized and satirized. I’ve attempted to defend and offend. I think I’ll just say what I’m for…

I’m for families. They don’t have to have kids. They may be of the same gender or different genders. It makes me no difference as long as it is two humans that have committed to being a team.

I’m for hugs and kisses and cuddles. I’m for any two people that find comfort in the contact of their human making what connection they may. Life is too short to not feel the warmth of a person you love.

I’m for a belief in something greater than yourself. I’ve seen the pictures from space. Those photos don’t show humans, they show a rock full of life. We didn’t make it. It was here for us when we got here and it’ll be here long after we’re gone.

I’m for finding common ground. I believe in looking for the things in people that bring us together. We don’t have to share gender, orientation, or faith as long as we recognize the worth in the other person.

Really, guys, it’s simple. If we look at things as divisive, they will be. If we look to include, we do. My faith teaches love. That’s the message I need most. I am capable of being as grumpy and xenophobic as anyone, so I, me, Miller, this human in this skin, needs this lesson as much as anyone. At the end of things, I’ll go to my Maker alone. Till then, I’m for sharing my world with some people worth caring about. I didn’t pick the ones I share it with but, I am entirely grateful they picked me.


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