It’s Kind of a Year End Post

June 26, 2015… Writing about Pagans and maybe making some tiny bit of sense and reaching out to them…Saying nice stuff about Aj, Kelly, and Z…Fewer posts but, better writing…Those were the blog’s highlights.

Having to do research and finding out that unreasoned hate will never die…That will always be the hardest part.

These were my favorite posts…Which One is Pagan? Please Do Me a Favor You Are Not Damaged, You Are Loved There Is Nothing About This I Want to Write  What the Hell Was He Thinking I Was an Addict So, Don’t Praise Me*note, some of these were NOT FUN to write* There are probably more but, I’m too lazy to look them up. *grins*

You will see a common thread. I write for and about women unless it is specifically about me. The reason is simple, my closest friends are women. I trust them. I married a woman. When I need advice about a post, that’s who I go to. When I need advice about my marriage, why go a man? When I need the truth without someone going all Testosterone Bubba, I go to a woman. My marriage isn’t threatened by them because I am faithful, I swore an oath. So, given that, I write for people I know and love.

I don’t know what the new year will bring. I just wanted to write a year end post. Thanks to Aj, Kelly, and Z for your love and trust. Thanks to the other ladies that made “guest appearances”. Thanks to y’all for reading this.


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