Dumb Question Time

I’ve written, mostly, about three major themes LBGT Rights, Religious Freedom, and dignity for women. I’ve also written about one minor but, recurring, theme, my past addiction. The question is, in the coming year, what focus? I do not see any major changes coming but, I keep thinking I’ve missed something. NO POLITICS. I try to avoid giving a left/right/libertarian bias so, I’ll avoid that. I write, as a Christian to anyone that will listen either for support or to modify their views. Please respond and I’ll take it under advisement.



  1. hey there. thx again for your comment on my ‘Gnats’ post. I really don’t want my blog to become a Deconvert blog or a ‘Christianity suck’ blog. at the same time, I’ve been encouraged to do a series of posts, probably extended over several months piecemeal so as not to ‘take over’ the blog, on my deconversion from Christianity and how I got there. I think it will take a bit of finesse but I also think it will be a helpful glimpse into my past, my ministry, and my walk away from it all into the greatest adventure of all… Reality.

    1. Welcome, over time I’ve gone from the Christianity I was raised with, conservative/evangelical. to atheist *I was an addict for a bunch of years and could find Hell but, thought God had abandoned me*, back to conservative Christianity, to my current set of beliefs “Heretic Christain”. It’s a small denomination having me as its only member. My faith fits me, that’s all I try to make it work for, other than this blog’s attempt to make people realize that we are human and are able to be incorrect. Thanks for the reply.

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