Questions I don’t want to ask…or maybe I do and just am not sure I want the answers…but am willing to explore anyway…

Do Pagans believe the Christian God exists?

Why is selling steaks easier than “selling” Pagans? I love a good steak but, that’s just a dead cow. Pagans are humans and much more important. The body can survive on almost anything but, the soul needs nourishment that is very specific to it…and the soul lasts longer than the shell it occupies…

Why do people insist on only seeing their fears and not try to see anything else? Related to that, why do we fear someone else for their beliefs and not their actions?

Why do people insist that if they don’t do something, you have to not do the same thing they don’t do? Like, why insist that someone stops eating meat because you don’t? *editorial, that was the most “neutral” I could come up with*

Why do people’s interactions on matter’s of Faith have to be adversarial? It isn’t a contest. It isn’t “my God is the best and so you have to be worthless”. For example, we Christians believe that because of our belief in Jesus, we are forgiven and get an afterlife in Heaven. It says it in the Bible, right? So, we assume that John 3:16 says as an addendum that “…and whoever doesn’t believe in Him will go to Hell” but, that isn’t in there. We added that part to make it a contest…

Someday when I grow up I’ll have some answers…if you can help, please give it a shot…


  1. So, we assume that John 3:16 says as an addendum that “…and whoever doesn’t believe in Him will go to Hell” but, that isn’t in there
    but the sentiment most certainly IS in the last chapter of Mark’s gospel. nice way to not be completely honest with what christianity teaches. -KIA

    1. All due respect to the “born again Atheist”, read what I wrote. I made reference to one specific verse in a post that IS for other beliefs and values. The other context is that I am a self-avowed heretic who doesn’t believe that other faiths are necessarily going to a place they don’t believe exists. The verse reads the way it does. The last chapter of Mark also has verses about handling snakes that are presumed not to be in the original. Please don’t impute your personal bias into my words.

      1. Reading your blog, I assumed atheist. It implies that. I was incorrect, apologies. Reading mine, assume “heretic”. My use of the verse was posed in the context of the question about faith being a “contest”. I freely admit “ignoring” and “cherry picking”. Most people choose the parts they want and ignore the rest. The Bible frequently contradicts. That gives the option of taking what coincides with what we want to believe and ignoring the rest…

  2. I think that whether pagans believe the Christian god exists varies from person to person. While I don’t worship or believe in line with that path, I’m certainly open to the idea that gods other than the ones that are part of my path exist.
    I think religion really became this sort of “contest” when European countries started using Christianity as an excuse for their imperialistic practices, wars and colonizing in particular.

  3. I think he does. He’s just not one that I follow, nor do I believe in him the way a follower of his would (I certainly do not acknowledge him before all others for one thing). I also agree with what Zosime said – it really does vary from Pagan to Pagan. It’s probably easier for someone who identifies as a polythiest to think so, whether they are hard or soft, because they are already predisposed to think of the world containing multiple gods or multiple concepts of god.

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