You Ask Me…

I’m going to try an experiment. Usually, a blog post gives a view or an idea or a story. In this one, you guys ask the questions. I am willing to answer ANY question about me, my past, my personal faith, my addiction, my views on LBGT’s, my perspective on other faiths, or any other thing you think I need to answer…with this caveat, I will not answer any questions that endanger the safety or privacy of those I write about. That includes but is not limited to my wife, Aj, Z, Kelly, or any other person referenced in any post that is not a public figure.
Please, feel free to ask here or on the Facebook page linked to the blog. My life will be an open book. *editorial, I don’t think I’m that important or interesting* I am merely trying to start a dialog.



  1. When I’ve seen you use the word “heresy” or the term “heretic christian” to describe yourself I get curious. I’ve never actually come across anyone self identifying as a “heretic” before! It usually is a word given in condemnation of those who are “wrong”, after all. How come that is a word you picked up to describe your own faith?

  2. I was accused of it because of my views on some groups, specifically LBGT’s and Pagans. I posted a meme where Jesus said, “love one another” the other person in the meme said, “What about gays?” and Jesus replied “did I f**king stutter?” and I commented that it included Pagans. An old “friend”, someone I knew from out here, called it heresy. I embraced the word. This is the definition “belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine.” That fits my belief set, “contrary to orthodox”. *grins*

  3. Do you think that more Christians will start aligning themselves to the way you think, or do you see it getting worse before it gets better? I’m curious, because I see, especially in the current US political spectrum, signs for both.

    1. I hope more will. Since I started “voicing” this view, I’ve found more “fellow travelers”. I suspect that, just like current politics, it will become more polarized. There are a few of us that look for a middle path and see validity in your views while retaining our own as applied solely to ourselves. Dominionism and the Evangelical/Conservative movements, as well as groups like Westboro, are reactions to a perception of threat and a xenophobic outlook. *sigh* I come from a “Conservative Christian” and politically conservative background. Now I am much more Libertarian in my political views and “heretic” in my “religious”, for lack of a better word, views. I hope my “non-answer” made sense.

    2. I’ve thought more about this over night. Just like after the Obergefell decision, I suspect that people will quit caring what others do. Paganism is far more private and individualistic than Christianity. You know that so, y’all present less of a single face for us to see. That means we aren’t able to see a group to either fear or embrace. I think that “acceptance” will happen but, those of us that allow for the chance that your path is merely “different” and not “wrong” will continue to be rare. The majority of Christians, in the far future, probably not my lifetime, will merely cease to be concerned one way or the other.

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