So, I was reading a different blog by a Pagan author. She was talking about how Pagans can’t seem to find a way to reconcile their different views. By that I mean they couldn’t agree that they could be different and get along with those differences. Does that make sense? So, I decided to do some research about Christian denominations…

I decided to do some research about Christian denominations…According to the numbers I could find, there are between 33 and 43 THOUSAND different “denoms” world wide. A “denom” *pardon shorthand* being defined as an organization in a country and not as an individual’s privately held belief. I suspect that there are as many different “beliefs” as there are Christians…

Anyway, the author of the post that prompted this thought lamented that they, Pagans, couldn’t seem to agree to disagree and accept that different people had different views. That some people HAD to try to force people to fit a box not of their own choosing…

Funny how some things cross every boundary.


People are different. My belief is that God made people in every shade and belief. He created genders and personalities. He made some to agree…and some to disagree. He gave every human some other human that they could love…sometimes he even gives us people to not be our mate and love deeply as friends. The varieties He created are as many as there are humans on the Earth…

Why do we have to put down, castigate, condemn, or slight those who are different since none of us are the same? I’d rather embrace the differences and share the wonder of the people I share my world with. Just because your beliefs or politics are different than mine doesn’t make you bad. What does is how you express those. If you see different as a reason to hate or put down, I’ve no use for you but, if you embrace the human that has the difference then you have worth and are part of the collection of people that make life worth having…


  1. One of the things that I was also thinking about after I wrote my post (I’m assuming you were talking about mine ) was that because we are all human beings that are not unique, our beliefs on God will never be unique.

    Yes, we could fit into a tribe, or denom, or tradition, but we will never be united globally unless we accept that everyone’s beliefs are their own…and the catch…that everyone’s beliefs ARE RIGHT FOR THEM. If you think God is a fish that swims backward and waves at everyone as it goes by, and that belief enriches your life and those around you, then no one should care. If you label yourself an atheist but still have an altar to a God because you understand that God to be a construct of nature and your psyche and know that it is a way that benefits you and those around you, that is just as valid as my having my altars and praying to my Gods, and is just as valid as my extended family attending mass on Sundays.

    1. I think that’s what I was trying to sort of say…maybe…if I understand you correctly…For me, each human has a unique set of experiences and, because of those, views and beliefs. We are not clones. As a result, our personal views fit each person…and no other. If we are unable to embrace that we are all unique and, as a result, enjoy individuals for their individuality, we “missed the point”…
      Yes, it was your blog. I left the link there so you would know it was. *grins*

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