Because It Needed To Be Said…

I haven’t written in some time. I’ve been on “sabbatical” or just taking some time off. Truth be told, writing the blog hurts. I’m not big on saying that or making excuses so, please forgive me for that. I’m also not one to let a bit of pain stop me from doing what’s needed…

I was looking at a couple of old posts from last year and comparing them to what’s happening and see that societal change is slow. It seems that few people actually think or grow as they age, what happens is that they die off. *sigh* Meaning, that the next generation and their views supplant those that have become deceased. Very few of us have “semi-colon lives”. Those of us that do are still like the deceased ones in that our lives have splits in them, the before and the after. Mine is one so, I was lucky and able to change. I digress…


I keep seeing people talking *editorial, I’m a Fb junkie* about “making America great again” and feel sorry for them. If they don’t recognize that politicians, ALL POLITICIANS, come and go and have nothing to do with the greatness of the country, they missed the point. It isn’t who is in office *editorial, please do not read into this that I am talking about any specific person or office* that makes this country great. The common citizens do. The fact that I am able to have and cherish people with widely differing political views is one sign of that.

The common citizens do. The fact that I am able to have and cherish people with widely differing political views is one sign of that. The fact that I am able to drive as far as I am able or inclined and still not have to cross a checkpoint does. That I am able to work at a job and occupation of my choosing does. That I have the freedom to  f**k up, stand up, and try again does. That I am not hungry does. That I have the freedom to publicly disagree with the government and individuals does…


…and now for that disagreement…

This post was brought on by two things that boil down to one, blaming the victim.

Do you know what we call people that commit crimes? Answer: criminals. We don’t call them “rape victims”. We don’t call them “transgender”. We don’t call them “women” or “men” or “Christian” or “Pagan”. We call them “rapists”, “pedophiles”, “felons”, and “perpetrators”.

We don’t get to claim “presumption of innocence” for ourselves while denying that to those we don’t understand. Period. If we presume to label one group because they are different than ourselves, then we should have the moral courage to desire that same label to be applied to us.

I don’t know if I know anyone that is transgender. I haven’t asked. It really has no bearing on anything, to me anyway. What gender someone appears to be and carries themselves as is what they are.Why would I question that? I suppose, if they want me to know, they could tell me but, I just don’t really care. Being transgender doesn’t make them either good or bad. I’ll base what I think of them on their character and not anything else. Always have been that way, always will…

On the other hand, I know several people that have told me that they are rape victims. Again, I didn’t ask…and am not really sure why they think I’m worth their trust that they’ve shown by telling me. I’ve said something similar to this before but, I’m doing it again…

Your worth to me is because of who you are, not what happened to you. To those of you that I’ve used the word “love” to or about, what happened to you neither increases nor diminishes that. You, the individuals are precious and treasured. I can not tell you to “get over it” because nightmares fade but never quite go away. All I have to help is to let you know that before you told me, you had a place in my tiny heart and after finding out, that place is still yours as long as you allow me to keep it there for you. I hope that is enough to help because that’s all I have.


Do you know what will be the downfall of America? When we pretend to be victims and forget that we are not. When we diminish the REAL victims because we are selfish and full of ignorance.



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