Stupidly Misinformed People P**s Me Off

Some days I think there’s no hope for humanity. I think we are so willfully misinformed or deliberately obtuse that we don’t deserve to survive as a species…

I’m really at the point where I wish that people would make an attempt to understand, ask questions, or do the most rudimentary fact checking before they give an opinion. Just because someone authoritatively states something on the internet doesn’t make it true.

I have a friend that has a rare cancer, BRCAI. She’s a 12-year survivor of it. The other day she shared a blog that some bonehead wrote talking about how the medical profession was trying to kill their patients and make the cancer worse so that they may gain income and profit from the pain and death of their patients. I don’t know what that misinformed idiot’s motivation is. I don’t know what life events made him so anti-medicine. I have no clue why he decided why there was a conspiracy to ruin lives or why he wants to be so rabidly misinformed…

I do know that he’s dangerous. Let’s suppose, for example, that 13 years ago she had believed his quackery. I wouldn’t know her because she’d be dead. If she’d grasped at his lifeline, there wouldn’t be any need for me to write this. Think about that. When we allow our fears and bias to be presented as fact and present it to people willing to succumb to those same fears and biases, we perpetuate the danger and the lie. He’d have been just as culpable in her demise as she would have been for believing him. Thankfully, she had the sense to not fall into the despair and lack of knowledge that his ilk present as truth.

Look, this isn’t intended to be an anti-alternative medicine rant. It is to make a point. Fear of the unknown is dangerous. There’s a cure for it, though. Research the subject. Gather ALL the information on a topic, not just that which confirms your fear. Don’t merely rely on one opinion that says, “this (fill in the blank) is bad” but, look at all the information available. Ask people with views that are different than yours how they came to them. Look at peer reviewed studies. Fact check and then check the source you used to check the check. Never take at face value something that exactly fits your bias and be honest enough with yourself to admit the bias. *editorial, NOT easy*

One or two last parting thoughts…

First, you may apply the same standard to Transgender Bathroom-gate and the fears and misinformations surrounding it…or anything else that engage your emotions and shut off your brain…

Second, I’m glad my friend didn’t listen to the quacks. I haven’t known her for long but, she’s becoming a person that I realize is one of those the world needs more of. She’s fearless and kind. So, idiot quacks that would have put her in her grave piss me the fuck off…


  1. Thank you for this. In my day job I am a documentation subject matter expert for the medical device manufacturing community. As in it is my job to ensure the company conforms to FDA guidelines and to our own written procedures. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve debunked claims I’ve seen about how “they don’t want you to know about because it will cure “, or the other way around. There is actually a very good explanation for some of these things.
    However, sometimes that explanation, even though it is truth and was that way for a reason, needs to change. Going “US vs. THEM” in those situations is NOT helping anything. And that is across the board – in the medical community, the transgender bathroom thing, and in so many other situations. Get the facts, form your opinion, then listen to others and see why they think differently.

  2. You’re welcome. I started to write this as a different post with the same theme but, the quackery needed to be talked about. *sigh* I could have picked any of several things that specifically apply to being intentionally wrong. It’s just that, in this case, it’s 11 years and 364 days cancer free for her. Confirmation bias and a lack of willingness to look past that makes me angry. I ALWAYS fact check, particularly when something agrees with my bias or is too simple an answer.

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