Granola or Neo-Pagan?

Well…Happy Easter…

I haven’t written in a long time but, like it used to do when I wrote frequently, something has to get under my skin for me to write…

One of my closest friends was called “granola”. That is a term I had to look up. In context, it means, “to not really care but to be in it because it’s fashionable”. It pissed me off because they were calling a friend “false”.

I really don’t like a different phrase, too. The phrase “Neo-Pagan” bothers me. I know too many Witches. Neo-Pagan is a phrase used by mainstream society to imply a current construct. That overlooks one tiny point…

WE taught the Witches and Pagans that WE would persecute, harass, and disparage them at every opportunity. We forced them underground. Then, when they had the temerity to assume that times had changed, we made up a term that makes light of their traditions.

Huh? We did what? We treated them like they were trash and then when they finally got the nerve to begin to be more open with their faith WE called them “granola”.


Pardon my language but, that seems kind of chickens**t and decidedly un-Christian. We can acknowledge the right of every other set of beliefs in the World to exist and not even take seriously the oldest set? Christians claim persecution. In this country, OUR faith, Christianity, is the majority faith but, it is not the ONLY faith or set of beliefs.

Look, *calms fingers* there is room for more than just Christianity here. I’m not really here to debate the merits of which is “more valid”. For me, Christianity fits. For the very closest of my friends, they are Pagan. So what?

Here’s what one of them says about her beliefs, “it’s not hocus-pocus … it’s about mindfulness and living with the harmony vs … ego bs and taking…we don’t take. we don’t need to. there is none of that …that’s forcing your will upon another … and whatever you put out comes back 3 fold … so … how do you think that will turn out. Do no Harm is my professional code and it suits me in my personal and spiritual practice.”

That sounds quite a bit like “do to others what you want done to you” with a dash of “love your neighbor” implied in there, too…

Anyway, I started writing this because, if we want out faith treated with respect, perhaps we shouldn’t make light of a set of far older traditions. We should “do to others” the respect we want. We pushed them under the covers. We taught them that “the only time a submarine gets in trouble is when it comes up for air” a few centuries ago and now that they have decided to come up into the Sun, we told them “well…since you went away…now that you’ve come back, you aren’t what you were…or have been while you were hiding from us.”

There IS room. We can each learn from each other. There are tenets of Christianity that directly correspond to Pagan tenets. Some don’t but, again, so what? The World is full of individuals and we ALL look at it through our own eyes. Just don’t assume that everyone is “granola” because YOU think that they’re false…unless that’s what you want to be treated like in return.

Have a happy Easter. Have a blessed Eostre.


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