I’m a Snake

Well…here we go again…

My best friend is a witch. My best friend is a woman. My wife is a woman. My closest friends are women…and witches. My bias is that I’m a “bit scared” of them…because they are women and any semi-sane man and husband should be. I am not scared of them because they are witches. My general response to finding out someone is a witch varies between “ok” and “cool”…

My best friend’s best friend is a man, me. If I were her, I’d have probably picked a different best friend because I’m a bit of a bonehead…sometimes more than a bit but, I digress…and I’m Christian.

From a historical standpoint, the story about the snake should apply. You know the one, where a guy nurtures a wounded snake back to health and after it’s bitten him and he lays dying he asks “why did you bite me?” The snake replies, “what did you expect, I’m a snake, it’s my nature.” From my best friend’s perspective, she has no reasonable expectation of not, at some point, being bitten…

I got mad at Google and typed a rant at the AI into the search bar. It sent me down a trail that I didn’t expect. It sent me to prayers binding against Witches. It sent me to articles telling me how to find out if I’m “under attack” by witchcraft. For what it’s worth, an allergy attack fits those symptoms, as does a Cold,  food poisoning, and being depressed…


So I started looking into what else Christian articles say about witches. Every single one I found cited OT references why we should shun witches and the “evils” of them but, NONE could give an NT cite to back those up. Here’s a tiny theological tip, if you’re a “Christian” and can not cite the NT to make your point, you should probably either re-think your pint or which religion you claim to be. Meaning, Christians follow Jesus and if He didn’t say it, then you’re not following him…

Are there witches that are evil? Well, ask this, are there Christians that are evil? ANY group of humans will contain both “good” and “evil” humans. Do “I” think that being a witch makes someone inherently “evil”? No more than “I” think that being Christian makes someone inherently “good”.

I read a bunch of nonsense by Christians that claimed to be “authorities” on the topic. I came to this conclusion, not one had actually sat down and asked a witch. I read a bunch of stuff that could have been drawn from popular fiction…or from watching “The Wizard of Oz” but, no actual conversation.  One used “Lord of the Rings” as a reference…Really, you cited LOTR as a source for your article?


I have done “some” research. I have a biased perspective. *just re-read the second paragraph* I know that there are some points of congruency between Witches and Christians. I also know that despite those points, there are views and practices that, while appearing to be similar, are not. Christianity and Witchcraft aren’t the same. The references may “look” the same to an outsider…or even me trying to understand, they just don’t translate…at all. To try to impose a Christian World View on someone that does not share it is a HUGE mistake. Yes, moral people share some traits. Yes, good citizens share traits. Those are secular and not spiritual.

There is a point to all this…It was back up there when I was going on about trusting a snake. There is an insidious persecution that still happens to Witches. It is far more overt in the Middle-east and Africa but, that is not in the scope of my writing. My best friend, if directly asked, will tell you she’s a Witch. She will, given some very specific circumstance, volunteer that, not often but, she told me unasked. *read some other posts for the reasoning* I know someone else that was told that her “kind” were what’s wrong with this country and that she’d be the “downfall”. I read an article with a prayer against witches that bound every part of the person’s body including the endocrine system. Really, you think your endocrine is under attack?

…yeah, my point, Christians have a bad habit of attacking what they don’t understand. They are of a “damn to hell and ask questions later” mindset. I “think”, from what I’ve read, that there are still people that would merrily burn witches. I KNOW that they don’t see a person when they persecute. They think they are not causing harm to a living person. *editorial, de-personalization is the only way a semi-rational person could do the things they did to humans*


I’m really not out here Christain-bashing. I know the vast majority of us either don’t care or are too busy with our own lives to even look as far as I have. The biggest majority of Christians do not use our faith to persecute but, “some” do. Enough do to make the Witches hide or at least keep a “low profile”.


I really don’t care if The Witches EVER publicly tell anyone. By looking at them, you wouldn’t know… of course, by looking at me, you wouldn’t know I’m Christian. What I DO care about is that they don’t HAVE to hide if they don’t want to. We’ve done enough nonsense and b.s. to them in this century and enough physical harm, burning and hanging ring a bell?  They’ve well and truly earned the right to be left in peace…

Yeah, if I were my best friend, I probably wouldn’t be. What should she expect? I could be a snake…


  1. *sticks fingers in mouth and tries to whistle loudly, but can’t so cheers wildly instead* See…you get it! You totally do, whether you believe it or not 😀 And a Witch wouldn’t stress over an itty bitty snake bite(we’d just fix it) XXX

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