I Hate Shoes, or Grounding 101

I hate shoes. My feet don’t like being trapped. I don’t particularly like the way feet look, I just can’t stand having mine confined in shoes and socks. First thing I do after work is take off my shoes and socks. In the “slightly less than totally freezing” season I wear Crocs. In the Winter, I wear fuzzy lined Crocs. In the “warm enough that cold concrete doesn’t make my toe bones ache” season, bare feet. If you want to know where I think demons live, it’s in the toes of dress shoes…

I love the feel of comfy grass. Cool concrete is peaceful. Walking on a beach. Hanging your feet in the water. All of those things are only properly done without shoes. Hard to feel the grass through them…Those help me to calm down. They are restful and calming.

Aj, on the other hand, NEEDS time without shoes. There is an intentional process called Grounding. The short version is that it is a way to release negative energy. It is a way to gain useful energy.

More specifically, it is a process of sending the anger and frustration into the Earth through direct contact with it and once that is gone, to gain calming energy to replace it…


That sounds quite a bit like me wanting to walk in the yard or sit out back with my shoes off when I’m pissed…The only difference is that she KNOWS she’s doing it and I just thought it made me feel better because I hate shoes…



  1. lol…you sure your not pagan? We re ll smiling at the joy you get from that one on one contact with the planet 😀 XXX

    1. I’m sure I’m not. I just hang out with a few. *grins*…well…I know quite a few and hang out with one…when I can…besides, feet existed without shoes far longer than they did with them…

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