Anybody Have a Match?

I was going to write something else but, I think I’ll write this…

I have a friend…well…in this context it’s Aj and, by now, if you don’t know her, just read back a few…anyway, she spends a decent portion of her budget on candles. She keeps one lit for my house pretty much constantly. It’s a form of putting energy and light back into the “system”. It’s a way to, pardon the analogy, “pray”…even if that’s not exact…

That sounds like Church ritual. Go into almost any Catholic, Lutheran, or Episcopal church and you will see candles lit. You will find them used throughout our Holy Day rituals representing light and purity…

We use the symbolism of transferring light to light to mean exactly the same things. We use the purity of the flame with the same meaning…

So, if we do something and it means the same as what “they” do and has roots in the same ancient rituals predating our faith…hmmmmmm


I want to touch the thing that I can not figure out how to write and probably still don’t…

I KNOW Aj. I trust her to “pray” for my house. I’ll take blessings where ever they may come from. I trust the purity of her soul, even if I don’t share her beliefs…as she doesn’t share mine…To think that she’s evil is as incorrect as think that water is dry. It is an untruth and proven time and again…

I suppose, rephrase, I know that means I’m a heretic. To trust her purity and prayer is “against my religion” except that it isn’t against what I know of the Lady. I trust HER. I believe her. I always will and always have. Period.



  1. I think the thing is….Love and Trust = Faith…we just all use different words to identify that Faith XXX

  2. Ok. I am careful with terms because I do not want to offend people like you and Aj. *grins* I don’t, personally, get too concerned with how something is phrased as long as the underlying concept is understood.

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