5 AM…

Sometimes I wake up far too early on my day off…or I don’t know what to write…

I’ve been told that I’m supposed to use a carrot and throw the stick away. I’ve also been told that I am trying to make one of “them” human. I’m allegedly attempting to let y’all see that people that are different are just “people”…

This is what I think I’m supposed to be doing, as opposed to being “told”…I think I’m supposed to write these missives so that Aj knows I care. I’m sitting here putting energy into the system for her to draw on when she needs it. The people that read these are usually convinced of her humanity so, that’s preaching to the choir. It’s also a way for me to think about a faraway friend,

I could write about candles or ask her a question, if she were awake. and meander through what I learned. I could look up something I know would cause me to slam the keys when I type because of some long-ago injustice or some more recent slight. Letting her know that she is loved and cared for is a given because she knows it and will see this and remember…and smile because of it…

She said I “protect” her, as ineffectual as that may be with words that are read by Witches and a couple of random Christians and one odd Heretic that types them but, “protect” goes both ways. She returns the favor. Her existence is enough. That when I need her, she is there, who she is all “protect” me. Knowing that I can count on her is enough…

I “think” I’ve said it before but, if she weren’t a Witch and I wasn’t Christian, I don’t think we’d be this close. I think that because I had to question how I defined “acceptable difference”, that I HAD to learn, the bridging of that difference caused us to become close. I saw a kindred spirit. I saw Honor and Love personified. I wanted to keep that person In my life. I still do. I write about a Witch but, that’s not ALL, it never was. All is that I am lucky…or blessed…to be allowed to have her in my life and, no ego intended, she says the same about me. “Interfaith” doesn’t describe what I’m trying to say. That word minimizes…

Borders and preconceived notions cost us what we should treasure the most, the humans on the other side of them. If I never ask her another question about what she does or how she believes it wouldn’t make a difference because me knowing won’t change what I already know. I know that she is far more than a label. I know she is not “just a witch”. She never was and never will be “just” anything…


Aj tells me that my “edits” read more like postscripts so, let’s just call it that…

When I was younger than I am now…or say 8 years ago…I would have thought that Aj was supposed to be the “enemy of my faith” and, as a result, me. Looking back, I wonder how I could have ever been so wrong. Aj is many things. She says she has her faults, even though I don’t see them, the one thing I am assured of is that she isn’t my “enemy”. She never was and never will be.



  1. Question: Who are you waiting for approval from? I read your posts and revel in the love and energy you pour out with AJ as the focus, but behind your words I feel you feel guilty?
    At the end of the day the only thing that matters is your “friend” … no labels other than that are needed. I know it sounds too small a word to cover the amount of love you share, but it is the word, pure and simple XXX

  2. “Revel” yeah, good choice of word. I think that most pride is misplaced. I am proud that she picked me. I love one woman romantically. I love another in some other Greek word but, just as strongly. I think about both of them in my quiet moments and am grateful to my God for both of them.

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