What in the F**k Were They Thinking?

I had an odd thought. I imagined a conversation at a divine backyard bar-be-que… God and gods were talking…

“I’ve got this guy, he’s going to need a best friend, would y’all mind if I borrowed one of yours?” “Well, we were sort of thinking the same thing but, she isn’t going to change so, yours better be adaptable…” “Well, looking at who y’all have in mind, he’ll learn but, it’s gonna stretch him a bit…yeah, I like her. Deal”…and the God and gods shake hands and have a beer…

I used to fuss and fume and try to draw Christian analogies. She was right, I was trying, no matter what I said, I wasn’t being honest with myself. I said I “accepted” that her beliefs are different than mine but, I was trying to find a workaround. I “think” she knew that but, since I was trying she was being patient…

It’s funny what happens with the passage of time…I still try to find a way for the validity of both belief sets to not exclude the other set. I “think” I have. Oddly enough, she doesn’t see Christianity as an opposing view and I don’t see, now, that Paganism is in opposition to Christianity…at least not to MY Christianity…

I suspect my story, up there, isn’t the way it happened. I do think that God and gods have a sense of humor, why else would they have put she and I on joined paths? The first woman that was not a blood relation or a dog that I said the words “I love you” to, I married. The second is Aj. God and gods have decided that a Heretic needs a Witch and a Witch needs a Heretic. I could not be happier with their decision…



  1. I have a big smile on my face after reading this…and think your story is probably more accurate than you think lol XXX

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