Blue, Purple, and Green Looks Good

Writing about how Aj is the greatest thing since street tacos is fun. Writing about burning her at the stake gives me nightmares. Poking fun at dogma is ineffective…

There are a lot of ways to go about it but, the end goals are the same. The first is to attempt to change the mind of one single person, any person,  and convince that person that Aj is not a threat to them or their faith. The second goal is to reach more than one with the same point. Third, it is to give ME a reason to learn, to find out more about what I don’t know and look into my personal beliefs so that mine might grow. Another is to have an excuse, as if we needed one, to talk to Aj…

When I am being totally honest with myself, the first and last reasons are the ones that keep me coming back…Well, that and I like talking about her but, y’all knew that…I digress…

Which is the most important? In the long run, probably the first reason. Short term, and for selfish reasons, the last one. I learn from her and about her. Talking to her is part of my “sanity”. Having someone, particularly someone I care for and want the best for, to talk to and think about is good for me. Between the pair of them, Aj and Sweety, I have selfish reasons to not be selfish…if that makes sense. Learning how Aj’s beliefs and practices interact with her life and what she believes teaches me a different perspective.

What if…

What if, in the end, no one changes their mind? What if all they see is what they want to see? Does that matter? Is it enough to make the attempt and by doing it keep my best friend close? Is it enough to know that even if MY words make no difference, she taught me to change?

What if I had never met her? How would our lives be different? Would God or gods have provided someone else to be close to for us apart from knowing the other existed?

I can’t say that I don’t care if no one ever comes to see our perspective. I do know that there are people my life I can not see myself without, my family, my wife, and Aj.

Just as a final thought, what part of her is the “most” significant? Is it the mom and grandmom? To her kids and grandkids, yeah. Is it the best friend? To me, without a doubt. Is it the Witch? If it weren’t for the context of writing this to keep that close to the front of my mind, probably not, even if it is to her and her gods. To y’all? Probably none of the above because these are just words on a screen written by a stranger for his friend…



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